Medulloblastoma is a malignant tumor that begins in the area of the mind at the base of the skull. These tumors tend to spread to different parts of the mind and to the spinal string. It is a destructive mind tumor that begins in the lower back of the cerebrum. In light of various sorts of quality changes, there are no less than four subtypes of Medulloblastoma.



Medulloblastoma tends to spread through cerebrospinal liquid (CSF) — the liquid that encompasses and secures your cerebrum and spinal string — to different regions around the mind and spinal string. This tumor once in a while spreads to different zones of the body.


  • Cerebral pains
  • Morning heaving
  • Ungainliness
  • Issues with vision
  • Back agony
  • Failure to control bladder
  • Trouble strolling

Risk Factors

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Hereditary qualities



A biopsy is the evacuation of tissue for examination under a magnifying lens. A pathologist at that point breaks down the sample. The biopsy can be performed utilizing a fine needle biopsy or by surgically evacuating part or the greater part of the tumor. The pathology of the salivary organ might be entangled, even among experienced pathologists.

Imaging Tests

Imaging methods, basically CT or MRI, are valuable to enable specialists to see the size and area of the tumor before surgery. A sweep may likewise be utilized to decide whether the tumor has spread to different parts of the body or not.