Qayyum Mujeeb

Qayyum Mujeeb, a man in his early 40’s was diagnosed with colon cancer. He never really liked the idea of chemotherapy or surgery, so he was recommended radiation therapy but he did not agree to that either.

His father told him about ‘Cancer Solutions’; and how they give natural remedies, this idea was also presumed well by Qayyum and he agreed to get treatment from cancer solution after denying any other options.

He told the team how he had lost all hope and was unsure about which path to follow. Qayyum was given daily treatment which continued for 12 months. The guy now feels light and doesn’t experience any sort of daily pain.

Cancer solutions, for his therapy, suggested the use of Ginseng Tea, olive oil and most importantly garlic. Because it has the ability to block the formation of cancer-causing substances, halt the activation of cancer-causing substances, enhance repair, reduce cell proliferation, or induce cell death.

“These natural ways to get rid of my colon cancer are much better as I don’t feel pain and these natural remedies also prevent inflammation.”

Daud Mansoor

What Daud experienced was a death causing disease. When the 32 year old Daud Mansoor was told that he was suffering for melanoma, he immediately started to search for a cure that would give him as little pain as possible.

Daud was quite pleased when, ‘Cancer Solutions’, instead of giving painful ways of treatment gave an all-natural way. Their way of treatment was rather very simple, as it included the use of a berry that only grows in Far North Queensland, Australia.

This berry contains a compound that could kill head and neck tumors as well as melanomas. After the use of this berry, there were no side effects, it worked really fast as the drug took effect within five minutes and tumors disappeared within days.

The specialist and the team convinced them that Cancer Solutions was a good choice for them and if there is a routine followed, then Daud should be fine.

Daud felt the first ulcer subside after a few months of treatment. He tells us that he has improved a lot during this whole course, and he would be fine very soon. This berry treatment proved to be very good!

Zainab Hassan

Zainab Hassan was diagnosed with breast cancer, at the young age of 23. She was living in Canada and got to know from her friend, who is a doctor, that she had breast cancer and needed urgent treatment.

Upon hearing this news Zainab was quite shocked. When she did not agree to surgery, her doctor introduced her to ‘Cancer Solutions’. She was very happy and content to be receiving natural treatment.

She was being treated using Wormwood herb since a derivate of the wormwood plant can kill 98 percent of breast cancer cells in just 16 hours when paired with iron. On its own, the herb managed to reduce the breast cancer cells by 28 percent, but when it joined forces with iron, normal cells were not affected by the treatment and had a better outcome.

“Wormwood proved much useful for the treatment and I am very thankful for cancer solutions, for it was their therapy that helped me recover.”

Melanoma, also known as malignant melanoma, is a type of cancer that develops from the pigment-containing cells known as melanocytes.

Aliya Abbas

Aliya Abbas, in her early 40’s started experiencing such signs which were a huge concern for her. She showed some symptoms that directed toward breast cancer. After paying a visit to her doctor, it came to her knowledge that she was suffering from breast cancer.

This news was a huge shock for her, she immediately requested the help of doctors but the thought of surgery was very terrifying for her and she did not agree with this proposal, even though it was of utter importance.

Thus, she went to ‘Cancer Solutions’ for help and they were able to provide a treatment for her breast cancer. This therapy included the use Ginger, as it contains 6-shogaol and 6-shogaol targets breast cancer stem cells along several different pathways, including reducing the expression of surface markers, altering the cell cycle to increase the rate of cell death, inhibiting tumor formation, directly inducing programmed cell death, and flat-out poisoning cancer stem cells (cytotoxicity).

After the consumption of ginger, Aliya was able to get rid of her breast cancer and lead a normal life.

Abrar Hazar

“The doctors gave me four months to live; as according to them my cancer was incurable and I was soon going to die. But ‘Cancer Solutions’ gave me hope and another chance to live my life to the fullest.”

Abrar Hazar, in his late 30’s was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. The doctors had no hope for his recovery and had given up on him. He was continuously told by every doctor he visited that he was soon going to die and chemotherapy was the only thing which had some chance to save him.

Abrar did not agree with the idea that was proposed by doctors and decided to live somewhere with more greenery and nature. While his stay in Vancouver, a friend recommended ‘Cancer Solutions’ to him, as he wanted a natural recovery.

Cancer solutions gave him treatment and his started getting better as he was told to do something which can supply more oxygen to his body, so he can be able to breathe freely. He was always interested in gardening and settled with gardening as a hobby.

He also used to have Sage tea with honey, and with the passage of time he started to recover. Thus, without realizing it a year had already passed and Abrar was in perfect health.

Abdul Baki

Abdul Baki developed bladder cancer for he had been smoking for the past six years. While paying a visit to his doctor, he was strictly warned not to smoke again but his addiction could not be ended by some words.

He continued to smoke even though he was warned but when his condition started to worsen; he finally gave in to the doctors who were consistently insisting for him to stop smoking.

“I was totally addicted to smoking, and as any smoker, it was very hard to let go of this addiction.”

Abdul wanted a natural treatment instead of surgery or chemotherapy and thus he came across ‘Cancer Solutions’, as he was being provided treatment while using ginger, honey and other natural things. Ginger can exert protective effects on bladder cancer.

He was discharged and officially his cancer was cured two months ago. Abdul has decided to quit smoking as he wants to live his life in a more healthy way.

Taimoor Raateeb

Taimoor Raateeb, a business man, who before shifting to Pakistan was residing in Dubai, was diagnosed with Brain cancer at the young age of 24.

As being a very hard working man, he had to deal with a lot of stress and a headache was a pretty normal thing until he started to notice some symptoms which caused him a lot of worries. These symptoms included headaches which were severe and worsened with activity, seizures, memory problems, vomiting, fatigue and often feeling drowsy.

After visiting the doctor he was told to have brain cancer which was kind of a big shock for him. One of his friends, who was quite worried about him, recommended him ‘Cancer Solutions’.

“It was an excellent advice, given by my best friend. I would never doubt his choices.”

Cancer solutions gave him treatment in a very natural way. He said that his therapy also included the use of turmeric, as it proved quite helpful in the regeneration of a ‘damaged brain’, prevents and can even reverse damage from exposure to toxic fluoride since fluoride chemicals contain uniquely harmful characteristics that allow them to bypass the barrier and lodge into brain tissue. This results in neurodegeneration throughout the brain, which causes brain cancer.

Taimoor is still being treated and has hope of recovery.

Sohaib Rashid

Sohaib narrates how depressing life had been ever since his cancer was diagnosed and how Cancer Solutions gives him the motivation to go on:

“At the very first, I thought that I should celebrate to be alive because, by no doubt I haven’t kicked the bucket yet, however, it’s extremely going to happen. They said it would, however, this is faster than anybody anticipated. When I was 6.5 years of age I was determined to have a mental disease. When I was 18 I was put into the consistent care of therapeutic specialists in the pediatric malignancy wing of the nearby clinic. I am continually snared to machines. I am always found with a needle in my arm.”

“I used to see new families come into the doctor’s facility consistently. It influenced me to feel pitiful that half of them will kick the bucket, including me. My family would visit me ordinary basically. They drew nearer to the healing facility so they could be close to me.I recall I had quite recently ceased chemotherapy and I was not getting back on track, however, I had no hair.

“I was told that nothing could be done. I didn’t believe that, however. I knew that our local hospitals have limited surgical supplies, as well as a lack of experienced doctors.”

“Cancer Solutions has been my saviour in this cause. I felt relieved when the online treatment started paying off. I knew that there were no side-effects to what I was doing. By the grace of God, I was able to prove the doctors wrong! And I’m happy to trust Cancer Solutions Chicago to light my way!”

Sadia Arshad

Three days before Sadia Arshad, a 39 year old mother had her colonoscopy her doctor discovered a tumor and told her that the tumor had to be removed by surgery and then further steps will be taken to cure the disease.

After her tough surgery she went through a lot and really needed something that would give her a cur and would preferably be less complicated.

She was recommended ‘Cancer Solutions’ for it provided a cheap and less complicated treatment. Sadia had already gone through a lot of chemotherapy and now day by day her condition was becoming better.

Sadia said in an interview:

“I gotta say going through the surgery and chemotherapy was not easy but I was really glad that cancer solutions gave such good nursing and treatment and within some days I already felt very better.”

“Experiencing surgical medications was an exceptionally depressing knowledge for me and so I decided to try homoeopathy instead. The majority of the general population who were experiencing this treatment with me was superbly positive and stead of each other. It was an extremely unnerving background to look up to my own particular mortality. The staff at Cancer Solutions offered me consolation and kept me sure and advancing.”

Taariq Ehsaan

79,773 lives are lost every year due to intrahepatic bile duct cancer. Taariq Ehsaan, a man in his mid-40’s was informed that he had cancer and he didn’t have much hope in his treatment even though the doctors continuously to be hopeful and to have a positive attitude.

His early symptoms included yellowing of skin and eyes, vomiting, nausea tic feelings, loss of appetite and belly pain. Later on, after discussing things with his doctor and paying frequent visits to the hospital, he decided on surgery.

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery helped to relieve the symptoms. The surgery had really bad and painful side effects which were fatigue, painful sores in the mouth and vomiting.

Tariq was very worried concerning his side effects and wanted to find a cure as sure as possible, and was introduced to ‘Cancer Solutions’, which helped him deal with these problems.

“Cancer Solutions implies that I can, through my growth finding and survivorship, confront every day now with a recharged push to live. I live every day by working out, by keeping my wellbeing. By ensuring that on the chance that I ever need to experience some other treatment, I am as solid as I can be. I follow Cancer Solutions by being there for others who are facing what I have.”

Laiba Waseem

Laiba Waseem was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia at the young age of 11. Her late mother was also a patient who suffered from leukemia, so her disease was hereditary, as it was passed from her mother to her.

The survival rate of leukemia ranges from 60% to 70%. Laiba already lost her mother to leukemia and was very scared and worried if the same were to happen to her.

Her father stated while being interviewed:

“When she was told to have been suffering from leukemia, she asked me if what was happening to her was the same thing that happened to her mother and said that she did not want to leave just like her mother did. That was when it just hit me, I realized that even though she did not know which disease she had but was still very scared; and I she really wanted to be saved from this.”

Laiba’s father wanted the best treatment for his daughter and was recommended ‘Cancer Solutions’ by his friend. Cancer solutions provided her with a cure and with the passing time of time Laiba’s health became much better, she is still recovering from the disease with the help of friends and family.

“I decided to take away from the treatments. I decided to try homeopathy instead. Cancer Solutions has been my salvation. It has been a long and enthusiastic adventure up until now. Yet, I couldn’t be more joyful with my decision. I am a contender and a survivor…..surrendering isn’t an option for me.”

Nazia Ahmad

“Continuing and trying to live with both cancer and daily life issues is not an easy thing to do. Those people who do both these things together are awesome people because they are the ones who know struggles most deeply, and those struggles are not only physical but also mental.”

Nazia Ahmad, a 30-year-old, was told on 11th September, that she was suffering from Thyroid cancer; unluckily, previously during an appointment with her therapist she was told to have the major depressive disorder (MDD).

She had to deal with a disorder and a disease altogether. She said in one of her interviews:

“Having MDD was like going through the best moments in my life and not feeling happiness, sadness or anger but it was feeling empty and emptiness is the heaviest of all emotions. To make matters worse my doc gave me the news of having cancer. During my fight against depression I made many attempts to take my life but never succeeded and now I was told that I was going to die but strangely upon hearing that I wanted to live and made efforts to live this life, I was previously going to end.”

Nazia coincidently came across ‘Cancer Solutions’, which provided her treatment, her family and friends gave her hope and strength to fight this battle and in some months her condition was much better. “One of my friend’s uncle was treated at Cancer Solutions, and hearing that really assured.”

Cancer Solutions provided her with antidotes and solutions. Over the course of some days, she started feeling better and stated that the remedies were really paying off. Now she is living a comfortable life with the precise amount of treatments from Cancer Solutions.

Amir Ali

Amir Ali, at the age of 33, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

According to him, his early symptoms included having a fever, swelling in the lymph nodes in the neck, underarms, night sweats (often soaking the sheets), chills, feeling tiredness, fatigue, lethargy, feeling nauseous and losing appetite.

After visiting the doctor he frequently visited, he was given the unfortunate news of having non-Hodgkin lymphoma. Amir in the state of shock tried to find treatment.

‘Cancer Solutions’ gave him treatment and made efforts to cure his cancer. Chemo is the main treatment for most people with non-Hodgkin lymphoma, usually followed by radiation therapy. Unfortunately, for Amir, this wasn’t applicable as he had dealt with other body operations in the past.

He needed some alternative to fighting this cancer. Meanwhile, his younger brother had been doing research about malignancy and its treatment on the web. He saw the site for Cancer Solutions, Chicago and chose to contact. He told him that he had a nice sentiment about this place. Amir’s position was that if he was ok with it, so was he.

Amir got assistance from a nutritionist, who guided him not to use the artificial product but follow a healthy regimen. His cancer got cured in in half a year!

“‘The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection’, this quote gave me a lot of strength and courage and i was successful in fighting against my non-Hodgkin lymphoma.”

Gulsum Shehryar

As the mother of five children, Gulsum already had a lot of weight on her shoulders but after being informed that she was suffering from gallbladder cancer, Gulsum felt that her life was starting to crumble.

Nothing seemed to be going right and she was also much worried about the future of her children as they were growing old. During one of her visits to the doctor, she was told that she needed immediate treatment if she didn’t want her condition to worsen.

She wanted her treatment to be cheap and on one of her relatives’ recommendation, Gulsum asked “Cancer Solutions” for help. She was given prompt therapy, which was not much costly.

Gulsum was very satisfied with her treatment, she claimed that her symptoms of abdominal pain, particularly in the upper right portion of the abdomen and nauseatic feeling were slowly being cured.

“The treatment did take a little time but most of all things, Cancer Solutions gave me hope for a better future and gave me reassurance that with the passage of time everything will surely get better. I am appreciative that my malignancy was discovered so early and that I am alright and off all medicines. In any case, to date, I have never had a reoccurrence!”

Maryam Ubaid

Hakim Anwar

“My treatment for melanoma skin cancer was hectic and very tiring, not to mention I had to go through Chemotherapy, Radiation therapy, Immunotherapy and Targeted therapy”

42 years old, Maryam Ubaid was diagnosed with melanoma skin cancer, six months ago. Her doctor told her that melanoma can occur anywhere on the skin and unusual moles, exposure to sunlight, and health history can affect the risk of melanoma.

Maryam’s life was deeply affected by the process of treatment, she wanted to find a less complicated and easier way and she happened to come across ‘Cancer Solutions’.

Cancer Solutions provided her with trouble-free and a simple way for her treatment of melanoma skin cancer. During the time of her treatment, her sister passed away and she had a hard time going through all this but she never gave up hope and consistently remained strong.

“Never let go of that single string of hope that you have been holding onto, as that small string can be the bridge between life and death. So keep fighting and have hope, for it will keep you alive and well. Getting help from “Cancer Solutions” has really shaped up my life. I feel healthier, happier and energetic. I felt as though they could understand my position and relate to the hardships I had gone through. I had never thought that an online portal would do the trick for me, that it would cure me!”

Maryam is still under treatment and doctors have hope for her quick recovery.

Amina Tariq

Amina, a 56 year old, was already aware that she was suffering from colon cancer but it was a huge shock for her family as they were never informed about it.

Stage I colon cancers have a survival rate of 80-95 percent. Stage II tumors have survival rates ranging from 55 to 80 percent. A stage III colon cancer has about a 40 percent chance of cure and a patient with a stage IV tumor has only a 10 percent chance of a cure. Luckily, she was in the first stage of colon cancer and had a greater chance of survival.

“When I was diagnosed with colon cancer it was very upsetting, but fortunately i was told that my cancer was in its first stage. To tell you the truth, I was relieved, because it was not much of a threat but with the passage of time was condition started to worsen.”

Amina in one of her chats said that she was saved by ‘Cancer Solutions’, which provided her with treatment and gave her hope when she was deprived of it. She was very grateful for what ‘Cancer Solutions’ did for her. She always had hope and faith that she would be fine and went moving forward with a positive attitude and eventually recovered from cancer.

“During my process of diagnosis I highly agreed on what Helen Keller said ‘Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence'”

Hakim Anwar

When, 33 years old Hania Waseem was diagnosed with stage III pancreatic cancer in April 29th, she was greatly shocked, and worried.

Being the mother of 2 young girls, Hania was much worried and uneasy about the thought of leaving her daughters, as she was a single parent.

She confessed in one of her interviews;

“When the doctor told me about it, what scared me the most was not the thought of my death but the thought that my daughter Emilia and Sofia will be without me and the thought of leaving them made me worried.”

To make matters worse the doctors told her that she had slim chances of survival but Helena did not lose hope and while surfing the internet she stumbled across a site which gave treatment and help to cancer patients.

‘Cancer Solutions’, gave her hope and helped her go through all hardships while she was receiving their treatment.

“Through this experience, I have learned that even the smallest things in life matter and one should always be grateful for those moments”

Zeeshan Asghar
“When the doctor told me i thought he was joking with me, I couldn’t believe a single word that came out of his mouth because it all just never added up, as long as I could remember there was nothing that would cause lung cancer”

Zeeshan, a 30-year-old journalist, discovered that he was suffering from lung cancer.

He was so surprised that she could not believe it because he stated to never have smoked, had been working out every now and then and did not consume any drugs.

He never had any symptoms that even gave him a hint about lung cancer, but the diagnosis proved that he was suffering from cancer.

After some months, Zeeshan claimed that he would cough blood, frequently felt tired and weak, suffered from chest pain and also lost his appetite. He would also have non-stop coughs with a wheezing sound while breathing.

He aggressively pursued treatment and when “Cancer Solutions’ was recommended to him, he received treatment and in a matter of time became better. After he recovered from his cancer he moved to New Zealand and lives his days peacefully.

Maria Zahoor

Maria, a 24 year old, was very happy and satisfied with her life until what struck her was very displeasing and unfortunate.

She was told in her age of youth to be suffering from breast cancer, this was a huge shock for her and her family. As her being a workaholic it was very hard for her, she stated in one of her interviews:

“My problem was that i loved to work and having breast cancer meant that i had to put a rest to all work-related matters.”

Right after her breast cancer diagnosis, Maria went through chemotherapy. She asked for help from many people because dealing with the issue of side effects was very problematic. She said that one of her father’s relatives told her about a site which provided treatments for cancer, with hope, Maria came across ‘Cancer Solutions’.

Cancer solutions gave her treatment and diagnosis, and with the passage of time she started to feel better and the problem of side effects was also solved.

Maria continues to live in New Jersey after receiving treatment and has also used her strength and struggle to stand up for those who are still suffering from cancer and is trying to provide them with the best treatment and recovery.

“My desire to help others gives me hope and strength and the thought the i am able to help people and make their life better assures my heart and mind”

Asad Mural

Mural spent over 25 years in the towing business and as a result, his back became very weak. After 15 years, during a test, the doctor found something unsettling and wanted him to go for further tests and checkups. From the tests between 2010 and 2012, he was given the unfortunate news of having stage 3 of the non-small cell lung cancer.

Mural opted to go on a medical trial and thus had quit smoking for 5 years in hopes of improving his health and finding a treatment.

In order to get the treatment he went through several tests, chemotherapy, followed by surgery to remove a part of his right lung, and after undergoing surgery he went through chemotherapy again.

He maintained a positive attitude and also had the support of his friends and family, who dearly hoped for him to recover, but despite all this, his lung cancer was not getting any better and his chances for recovery were slim.

“Every person has his limits, I tried to be positive about it but nothing seemed to be working out. To tell you the truth I didn’t think that I would make it but right before I was about to lose all hope, ‘Cancer Solutions’ saved me”

Today, Mural has fully recovered and is living a happy life in the countryside with his wife. ‘Cancer Solutions’ provided him with treatment. He was able to come back to his normal life all thanks to the motivation from his family and treatment from cancer solutions

“I believe that anyone can survive if given a second chance as I feel I was given a great opportunity.”

Hakim Anwar

“My struggle against cancer went on for three years, although I cannot say that it was a pleasant experience, I can say that it was something that showed me how precious life is and that each moment counts”

As a workaholic and the father of three, Hakim, upon hearing the news that he was suffering from mouth cancer at the age of 42, went into quite a shock.

Hakim told in one of his interviews that he frequently visited the dentist and no such signs of mouth cancer were there. Unfortunately, on 15th August 2013, he was told to be dreading with cancer.

He was always very diligent when it came to the food he was eating and made sure that the food he was consuming does not harm him in any way. He claimed that he never smoke and has been refraining from drinking for the past couple of years. After some checks, his dentist sensed something was wrong and immediately informed Hakim and persuaded him to do for a checkup.

After the checkup he got the unpleasant news of having mouth cancer. Hakim’s cancer started from his tongue and to stop it from spreading, a part of it had to be removed.

He suffered for years and after a friend’s recommendation, he came across ‘Cancer Solutions’. Cancer Solutions provided him with an easy and natural treatment and after some time he got treatment for his mouth cancer

“After three long years of pain and fighting against this disease, Cancer Solutions provided me with the strength and treatment and in a matter of months I had recovered from my cancer”

Hakim’s family had always supported and loved him through his battle against cancer, he said that without his family’s motivation and Cancer Solutions help he would never be able to recover.

Khalil Abbas

Khalil Abbas

Khalil Abbas was oversensitive to the solution well on the way to control his myeloma. Khalil had experienced a bone marrow transplant and a few solution regimens to hold his prostate cancer within proper limits. Be that as it may, the ailment continued returning.

The Clinic drug specialists, allergists and hematologists cooperated and found an imaginative route for Bob to take that pharmaceutical in spite of the hypersensitivity. What’s more, it has almost ceased the movement of his tumor.

He had a hard time handling the shock. His urologist recommended him a book about prostrate health which he was able to find, after asking around. He went to seek the opinion of other doctors but was urged by his urologist to do a radical prostatectomy. Against his luck, he didn’t have any insurance, and the price of the medical procedure was immensely expensive.

Not able to afford the procedure, He began to find ways and remedies to cure prostate cancer. Even in his past, his mother died due to prostate cancer, although she was diagnosed with a flutamide drug.

He was already reluctant to the use of the drug so after surfing the net, every now and then, he discovered a renowned site called Cancer Solutions.

There, he got to know that his cancer was caused due to his emotionally unbalanced state. He figured that some of his past experiences left a deep impact on him. So his traumas were the reason for his cancer mechanism. After this discovery, the site gave him remedies to overcome the prostate cancer and sometime later, after the use of remedies, the doctors couldn’t find any sign of cancer in his prostate.

Faiza Aslam

Faiza Aslam

“I was simply moving back to College for the 2015 Spring semester where I am finishing my degree. On my drive back I saw an unusual hard bump to my left side bosom as I was calmly scratching. I made an arrangement at the grounds center to get it looked at. When the Dr. felt it she prescribed for me to get an ultrasound. I did. When the outcomes were back I was instantly encouraged to plan a biopsy at a close-by healing center. I did. My mother and father drove from far and were with me now.

A couple of days after the fact the Dr. influenced me to come in for my outcomes. I did. She stated, “We truly didn’t figure it would return as this…it returned as a growth.” Ouch! It was nearly my birthday. They had a lady prepared to walk us over to the disease center over the road and meet with an oncologist immediately. They gave every one of us sorts of assets, answers, choices, and so on.

The malignancy center group despite taking great care of me, refused from conducting a surgery on grounds of my physical health.

I decided to tune in to to see how I could deal with the pain. They asked me to give some of the pictures of the affected area. After that, the doctor online prescribed some natural techniques and ointments, which I have been using ever since.

Then one faithful day, on 25th December 2016- I was given the good news about the cancer being cured, after a routine check-up! I thank this site for all their help!”

Ameen Ahmad

Ameen tells the chilling account of his liver malignancy in September 2017:

“It took me about three years and many specialists to discover that I had liver malignancy at 38 years old. With no hazard factors, nothing could have been further from my brain – or my specialist’s – when I went for a therapeutic workup preceding. Who might have felt that being vain would spare my life? My blood tests showed sickliness, yet since I had no different manifestations, there showed up no genuine motivation for concern. Ensuing checks by more specialists, in any case, prompted warnings on tumor markers, more tests and after that revelation of two tumors on my liver, the biggest shock one could possibly imagine.

Once the tumors were distinguished with an ultrasound, my specialists squeezed rapidly for surgery. Amid the task, I lost an enormous measure of blood and about passed on. It wasn’t until my subsequent visit, weeks after the surgery that I discovered that one of them was threatening. I got two rounds of chemoembolization, and then mistakenly, I was proclaimed “cured.” I became hopeless and decided to skip taking chemo entirely.

Someone then recommended Cancer Solutions to me. The more I talked about my treatment choices to us, the more settled and more engaged I felt. I knew that Cancer Solutions was the correct place to be, and I just took the path of least resistance.

I was extremely fortunate. My lymph hubs were clear. I felt light and clear; as though I had been cleansed. “

“I am currently 23, malignancy free, back to lifting weights in the rec centre, and going to graduate school.”

Younus Khalid

Younus Khalid

Younus Khalid was determined to have esophageal disease in late 2015. He had chemotherapy and surgery and is currently free of all the indications of disease. He currently lives with his better half and has 2 children.

“I was analyzed on December 24, 2015 – it’s a date I can’t forget. I all of a sudden had loathsome agony in my chest. My significant other rang my GP who said it could be a heart assault and I was hurried by emergency vehicle to the hospital. Be that as it may, the ECG demonstrated it wasn’t my heart. That happened two times – I couldn’t inhale and the agony influenced me to feel debilitated and unsteady. I knew by then something was seriously off-base. On the off chance that it wasn’t a heart assault then what was it? I backpedalled to the surgery and saw another GP. She inspected my stomach and said I would require an endoscopy.

I had the endoscopy and they let me know there and afterwards, I had a vast tumor that probably been there for two years or more. Fortunately, my better half had run with me. When they called her in from the room I knew it was terrible news.

I went into a stun. I really looked round to see their identity conversing with. I couldn’t trust it was me that had malignancy. ”

“I started pre-agent chemotherapy in April 2016 to cure the tumor. I had that for three months.”

Three weeks after Khalid had returned home, he started his post-surgery chemotherapy for a further three months, having an indistinguishable administration from previously. This time the reactions were more awful than the depletion he had felt the first run through.

Luckily, faith had something else in store for me. As I made my way back from my office one late evening, my wife gave me a call and told me that she heard her friends talk about Cancer Solutions, and I decided to give it a try and contact their team online. The treatment was effective ever since. It has been five months now and I’m still undergoing the process. Recent reports have indicated an improvement and no signs of a relapse. I feel so happy and content! “

Nauman Ali Raza

An extremely pious and friendly individual, Raza told us that all his family had tears in their eyes. It was heartbreaking for them to hear that daddy was going away. He direly wanted some medication to prove helpful in treating his esophagus cancer and convince him that he has the best odds of survival.

After going to the doctors, he had to go through a lot of chemos. This chemotherapy had a mild impact on him and did not really treat the disease. Even though his oncologist regularly discussed his case with several national specialists, it was finally a waste of time and effort. Raza was scared because many people told him that an aggressive cancer is a death causing. He was thankful to be supported by his friends who reassured that ‘an aggressive approach can be handled’.”

Raza decided to give the cancer center a chance. He was doubtful about the whole process but thought that he could use the therapy for initial stages of the survey.

He recalls that the whole process has worked out for him pretty well. Within the first month, he felt his esophagus troubles disappear. He told the doctors afterwards that his pain had lifted and he felt much lighter. Since the cancer was at its initial stage, the treatment was and still is going smooth and despite all the doctor’s warnings, he is sure to live long.… since he is cancer-free now.

Mustafa Siddique

Mustafa Siddique, a 29-year-old stout individual, had been experiencing severe pancreatic issues and had lost a lot of weight. The family was continually at the specialists and doctor’s facility to discover what was happening. It was when he started having jaundice that he was taken to healing centre.

He faced a number of other issues as well. His pulse dropped which made him crumple and need a blood transfusion; they said that it was caused by the disease. Imagine the pain when he was subject to misery and pain, being diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer.

Siddique also reported to have pain in his abdomen. His weight had also dropped from a lot. The doctors broke the ice by announcing that it was pancreatic cancer but thankfully it was the initial stage, so there were more chances of cure.

Mustafa did not like the idea of surgery so his brother referred Cancer Solutions, Chicago where he was suggested homoeopathy and the treatment was initialized.He now gladly reports that despite what the doctors had said earlier on, he has made it through and proved that if one has the willpower to change things, he can do it. In the end, he felt the need to thank us by saying:

“You doctors have all helped me have more strength. I am an exceptionally fortunate individual to have such huge numbers of great individuals throughout my life helping me through this. The treatment regimen clicked me immediately.”

Taha Abbasi

Taha Abbasi said that he was initially analyzed with cervical growth in May 2015. He didn’t think the issues were related to malignancy. One day Abbasi and his family were at centre to get his monthly checkup. The doctors there happened to inquire as to whether he was encountering some other issues and suggested some routine checkups. Abbasi still didn’t expect anything close to cancer.

One month after the test results surfaced, he got the awful news: The cancer was there and it was spreading. The doctors then told him that due to his old age, a surgery wasn’t possible. He was star struck with pain.

Obviously, the family couldn’t take it. His wife had been doing research about malignancy and its treatment on the web. She saw the site for Cancer Solutions, Chicago and chose to contact them. She told me that she had a nice sentiment about this place.

“After hearing from my wife, I also decided to give it a try. She told the team all about my symptoms, the level-one cancer stage I was enduring and how she had to cope with the fact that she was really worried for me.”

After a daily dose of medicine, Taha feels happy and relieved. He says:

“My time with Cancer Solutions felt like a therapy session for me. I got to be heard in a long time and I was glad to hear that there was hope. There has been no recurrence since! ”