Farooq Aleem

Subsequent to completing his bachelors, Farooq got a telephone call educating him that he had a mind tumor and required crisis treatment for a growth known as Germinoma. After two mind surgeries, he was sent to the Hospital for chemotherapy treatment. While there, he was informed that he had lost his transient memory and it was probably not going to ever return. His expectations of doing masters appeared to be improbable.

Mind Tumor Success Story From Farooq Aleem

The specialists disclosed to Farooq’s family that he could live a life far from the normal man. The sickness and retching may have left, yet the cerebral pains did not. The tumor found in Farooq’s cerebrum is still there but the pain has gone. The child’s father contacted Cancer Solutions.

“I thought that since the doctor’s reports have stated that the tumor will stay, there was nothing much that I could do except enroll my kid for something that brings his life on track and in spite of all the facts, does make a difference.”

Farooq’s family reports Farooq getting lesser migraines, unsteadiness, queasiness and regurgitating after they started treatment.

“Maybe the tumor will go away one day”, his father told us.

Osama Khan

Osama was diagnosed with Stomach Cancer. He started feeling severely fatigued lately and was having problems such as cramps and bowel problems.

“I have always taken care of my diet. My sugar intake is almost zero. So the thought of being stomach upset was something I could never imagine.”

Stomach Cancer Success Story From Osama Khan

After his family’s insistence, he finally agreed on going to the doctor and was provided with a diagnosis. He was very uneasy and troubled about the fact that he had to depend on physicists and doctors are his treatment and his insecure thoughts did not keep him at ease. It wasn’t his fault; the diagnosis treatment was really not working and he needed some other medium.

After the failed diagnosis, he tried a chemotherapy combination but against his luck, the intolerable treatments made him nauseous and he also started to lose his hair. He had to try another approach.

“One of my friends was treated at Cancer Solutions, and he recommended it to me too.”

Cancer Solutions provided him with antidotes and solutions. Over the course of some days, he started feeling better and stated that the remedies were really paying off. Now he is living a comfortable life with the precise treatment from Cancer Solutions.

Agha Shahid

Agha had been experiencing severe duct issues and had lost around 20kg within 5 months. The symptoms included chronic pain in the intestine and bladder. The family was continually at the specialists’ facility to discover what was happening. It was when he started having bowel problems and jaundice that he was taken to healing center.

Bladder Cancer Success Story From Agha Shahid

He had been in healing facility for a long time when he received the news of bile duct cancer. Agha refused from surgery, as he considered the doctors at the local hospital not specialized enough. He faced a number of other issues as well. His pulse dropped which made him crumple and need a blood transfusion; they said that it was caused by the bile duct cancer.

While the doctors had said there is no other viable option for them, Agha consulted the online site “Cancer Solutions” and told the team how he had lost all hope and was unsure about which path to follow. Agha was given a daily treatment which continued for several months. Agha doesn’t experience duct problems anymore.

“The doctors at Cancer Solutions told me that that it was stage one and could be cured easily…they were right. Now a former patient, I feel happy to have contacted Cancer Solutions. They have saved me from tumor growth. “

Sadia Tariq

Sadia, 41, lives in Pakistan, with her significant other Nauman and kids. She told in the interview:

“No one especially appreciates visits to the dental practitioner and I’m no exemption, however I’ve generally cared for my teeth and have never missed a monthly check-up. With the goal that day, back in May 2015, I wasn’t anticipating that there should be any issues. I wasn’t in any torment or inconvenience, so I was shocked when the dental specialist voiced his worry.

Tongue Cancer Success Story From Sadia Tariq

‘There’s a white fix in favor of your tongue,’ he let me know through his veil. ‘It’s most likely only you ought to get it looked at by your GP, just to practice caution.’

Examination over, I sat up in the seat as he clarified what he figured it could be – a condition called leukoplakia, which was safe in its mellow shape and regularly vanished without the requirement for treatment.

That was still a relief for me. I decided to try something which had close to no side-effects. I looked up the net and found out about Cancer Solutions. She decided to prevent risky factors and try out something natural instead. She decided to take help from the doctors of Cancer Solutions, Chicago by sending a report of her ailment and has noticed a lot of improvement since she started and still continues to use the medicine recommended to her.”

Sohail Imran

Sohail Imran, who is 33, was determined to have malignancy 2 years back. He has since had surgery and had a full hysterectomy, and lymph hubs evacuated. He was to begin Chemo, however had a contamination from his surgery due to which he couldn’t have chemotherapy.

Lymph Success Story From Sohail Imran

He was to begin one week from the surgery but despite the delay, he remained in extraordinary spirits and was extremely optimistic. He never stressed over what lay ahead, he being wiped out and in torment. God willing, he knew that he could beat this and carry on with a long, solid life.

He experienced a surgery (add up to hysterectomy) followed by chemo. In any case, sadly the disease has returned soon after a year from his last chemo. The specialists didn’t have much involvement with this sort of growth as it is extremely uncommon. He knew that there was no point in experiencing another round of chemo and surgery, since they made less to no difference.

Luckily, Sohail’s concerned friend heard about Cancer Solutions and its cost-effective online portal, which prescribes remedies to cancer in the most natural way possible. Time and tide proved the effectiveness of the technique, which was visible in the first three weeks of application. As of now, Sohail is a happy individual who after his treatment in Chicago, plans to live his life in peace.

Khalil Haider

“I still remember the day when I was stunned to hear that my jaw ache was firmly connected to mouth cancer. As it would turn out, I as of now had a meeting with my dental specialist booked, so I chose to see him before doing whatever else. I hoped he would disclose to me it was nothing, however in my heart I realized that wasn’t the situation. Beyond any doubt enough, he took one take a gander at it and prescribed I backpedaled to see the GP.

Mouth Cancer Success Story

A month after the fact, I was indeed sitting in the commonplace surroundings of the advisor’s office. I knew from his straight-colored, stilted response, so like the easygoing consolation I’d had before that it was significantly more genuine.

His voice was quiet and enduring as he disclosed to me I would require another biopsy. I spent the whole season putting on a glad face and attempting to make everything as typical as workable for the kids when, inside, whatever I could consider were the approaching outcomes. Each waking minute, I stressed over the result.

When I came back to the advisor, I thought I’d set myself up for what he was going to state but when I heard the words, ‘You have mouth tumor,’ it turns out I wasn’t set up in any way. In spite of the fact that I’d known where it counts that it was coming, it hit me like a dart all of a sudden as though I’d never expected it by any means. As the words sank in, it came all things considered an enormous stun that he was discussing this.

Panicking as I left the doctor’s office, more about finances than the treatment, I logged in to my computer and began to search for some home remedies such as herbal, to treat my cancer. I came across Cancer Solutions and decided to give it a try. I mean there was no harm in checking it out. Fast forward in 2018, I feel delighted with the decision I made!”

Hadi Butt

“I was determined to have a bowel malignancy in May 2013 when I was 40 years of age. I also had Crohn’s Disease which was analyzed years ago. The manifestations were fundamentally the same as malignancy, and throughout the years I experienced blood ruptures, weight reduction and blockages that reason outrageous uneasiness. Though the surgery was done years ago, I feared that it had something to do with it.

Bowel Malignancy Success Story From Hadi Butt

I specified this to my Gastroenterology group at my nearby doctor’s facility who said I was expected a colonoscopy and that there was a danger of me being determined to have tumor because of Crohns, yet the healing center was observing me so I felt in great hands. The colonoscopy uncovered and demonstrated a tumor.”

Hadi was told by the doctor that since the bowel cancer was on its initial stage, he could have homeopathy to cure the cancer. He looked up the net and found Cancer Solutions. Since then, he has been following a strict routine and it really happy with the final results.

“I really feel greatly improved since my inside growth determination. While Crohn’s is serious, since my operation to expel my rectum, my side effects are substantially less extreme. What I’ve discovered from this is to keep routine healing center arrangements, make inquiries and get side effects looked at. I thank Cancer Solutions for all its help.”

Hajji Sheikh

Hajji, a 55-year-old baker, was compelled to go up against a new part as a patient when he was first determined in June 2016 to have ceaseless lymphocytic leukemia. Feeling worn out and out of breath, Hajji was dealt with for asthma. Notwithstanding, while at the same time going to have a bakery upgrade, his temperature spiked and a visit to the healing facility recognized low blood checks that prompt his tumor analysis.

Lymphocytic Leukemia Success Story From Hajji Sheikh

While starting to get ready for chemotherapy, Hajji was encountering outrageous back agony. This prompted his second determination of another blood disease that would require a bone marrow transplant. Luckily, his sister was an ideal match to be his giver, and Hajji got his bone marrow transplant on May 13, 2017. Hajji’s sister has been his essential guardian, and has been his sole supporter all through his voyage.

Hajji is looked with an enormous measure of physical difficulties post-transplant, however is heading to recuperation. While attempting to mend, Hajji has been under a great deal of money related pressure. He had attempted to stay aware of cost of co-pays, transfusions, low maintenance care, and transportation. Taking care of the expense of his prescription has been to a great degree troublesome, particularly on the grounds that he doesn’t have a salary to depend on, since he was the only bread-runner of the family. This conclusion of two blood malignancies is an outrageous irregularity, yet Hajji’s solid character gives him persistence all through this troublesome voyage. His peer recommended Cancer Solutions in Chicago and get online help at cost-effective fees.

After one successful surgery, Hajji remained faithful to the second treatment as well, as he believed in God’s miracles.

 “It was God’s will to save me both times. I have to thank Cancer Solutions for the support it has given me through the entire journey.”

Hamdan Bakht

Hamdan who was 37 years of age was determined to have Angiosarcoma in his right leg last year.

At the point when his specialist called to educate the family regarding his cancer, it was the hardest and worst thing his family had heard ever heard, even though Hamdan had a feeling that he had tumor. Angiosarcoma is an exceptionally aggressive and recurring sort of disease.

Angiosarcoma Success Story From Hamdan Bakht

The specialists disclose to us that if the tumor is still in his leg, they may consider amputating his leg obviously that won’t ensure the spreading. In the event that the tumor is somewhere else, they reveal to us that they can just make him agreeable in light of the fact that it would be all through his entire body since Angiosarcoma is the cancer of the Blood Vessels. They also said that in case of radiotherapy, the radiation would totally disintegrate his skin joins. The specialists even concluded that they expected to do the skin unites again and again, in light of the fact that the muscles and nerves were uncovered and he was in such outrageous torment.

Scared of the possibilities, Hamadan quickly went on the web and found as much data as he could get on Angiosarcoma. He also came across Cancer Solutions. Hamdan didn’t want to risk losing his leg, he was sure that he would find a way around his cancer and that too with the help of Cancer Solutions.

“The doctors told me that the virus has not spread that much luckily, so it wouldn’t be too hard to remove the virus though I have to be very patient and follow a strict regimen. As of now, I am still recovering. My spirits are starting to light up. We were panicked but now we are not. I accept with everything that is in me that there will be a cure for this kind of malignancy.”

Fahad Ali

Fahad Ali appeared to have limitless vitality. But at age 34, he found one clarification for why he was never ready to back off and unwind: He had a pheochromocytoma, a tumor in his adrenal organ. Known as the battle or-flight hormone, the adrenaline had supercharged his vitality levels yet in addition put his body into a nonstop condition of high ready that, among different dangers, was causing hazardous hypertension.

Pheochromocytoma Success Story From Fahad Ali


“I could channel the majority of that vitality from the adrenaline into a ton of positive things. Be that as it may, in the prior months I was analyzed, I experienced difficulty resting. All the adrenaline had begun to get to me, and I wasn’t feeling admirably.”

“I was experiencing hypertension, a fast pulse, chest agony or weight, serious migraines, uneasiness, and stomach torment. It was hard for me.”

“A few people wind up being sent to a specialist since they are advised the manifestations are identified with pressure.”

For Fahad, the voyage to a precise finding began when he saw different specialists for episodes of chest and stomach torment and a while of unwavering cerebral pains that no prescription could ease. Bit by bit every side effect would die down without anyone else. But one day, the stomach torment returned. He was likewise urinating every now and again and experiencing difficulty gulping.

That’s when he knew that specialists wouldn’t help him relieve himself of the pain. Desperate, he asked help from Cancer Solutions and started a session of homeopathy. Fahad said that he began feeling a difference after 2.5 months. Fast forward two years, Fahad is a healthy and cancer-free patient.

Javari Khan

At the ripe age of 52, Javari Khan was diagnosed with esophagus cancer with the 1nd stage of adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. He followed a healthy diet with normal consumption of fats and salts, so it was a shock that he had esophagus cancer.

Esophagus Cancer Success Story

“I was depressed when I heard about it. I couldn’t believe it, judging from my healthy diet and food intake.”

After going to the doctors, he had to go through a lot of chemo. This chemotherapy had a mild impact on him and did not really treat the disease. Even though his oncologist regularly discussed his case with several national specialists, it was a waste of time and effort.

“I was scared because many people told me that an aggressive cancer is death causing. I am thankful to be supported by my family in tough times and was reassured that ‘an aggressive approach can probably be handled’.”

He was informed about Cancer Solutions. Optimistic and clever as he was, Cancer Solutions provided him with remedies and treatments.

“My treatment plan incorporates the best traditional medicines.”

Cancer Solutions, Chicago proved helpful in treating his esophagus cancer and now the site has convinced him that he is has the best odds of survival…he is cancer-free now.

After a tough time of hardships and agonizing treatments, he is finally untroubled and delighted by the solutions supplied by the company.

Sadiq Khan

“After unsuccessful endeavors to clear up a urinary tract disease, I was sent to a urologist who booked me in for “CT checks”.

Urinary Tract Disease Success Story

I had never had a CT filter and chose I most likely wouldn’t try to go. The following day I spent strolling around a show and by evening I could scarcely stand up – my legs wouldn’t work. I chose do have a scan, eventually.

The radiologist said I had blood coagulation and forbade me to leave the doctor’s facility. After a few more tests, it was disclosed to me that my right kidney was not working at all and should have been expelled.

A meeting with a gynecologist on my last day in doctor’s facility disclosed to me that my report was mixed up with another patient. The pathologist affirmed that my renal cell carcinoma had metastasized and was inoperable. I was completely crushed – my better half was trying to claim ignorance – my child and little girl were in stun.

What I had was the web and that gave me colossal quality. I looked into Cancer Solutions and I am now extremely free and I can now adapt. Cancer Solutions is packed with the best online doctors who are supportive and caring. They helped me become a non-cancer patient.

Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about individuals without web – alarmed or desolate individuals who had no place to turn?

Ameen Ahmad

“I never realized that some time or another I would be hearing the words “You have lung cancer.” I have heard about other victims have dealt with it by having a radical mastectomy.

Lung Cancer Success Story

After I realized what God had destined for me, I was, nonetheless, cautious and visiting my doctors consistently, having mammograms and pap smears. I realized that my mammogram had suspicious calcifications and should have been biopsied.

I didn’t want to the mistake of taking radiations, which cost life. I made a research and found out that radiations have a high risk of danger associated with it. There is also a less survival chance. I didn’t want to make the same mistake, and I couldn’t overlook the facts.

So for a month and a half, every other weekend, I was managing chemo. All this felt exhaustive and I decided to find some online natural remedies. I came across some cancer sites, out of which I found Cancer Solutions the best. I am appreciative that my malignancy was discovered so early at stage one and that I am alright and off all medicines.

By the Grace of God, Cancer Solutions has saved my life!”

Nasir Hameed

Nasir was determined to have Tuberous Sclerosis Complex at the age of 19. Nasir’s parents’ basic purpose for existing had turned into a mission of affection, giving him the most obvious opportunity to lead as typical an existence as could be expected under the circumstances.

Tuberous Sclerosis Success Story

The primary thing he and his better half did was to investigate the infection and different medicines, knowing they needed to figure out how to stop Nasir’s childish fits as quickly as time permits. They went to worldwide research meetings, met with no less than ten neurologists and neurosurgeons, and read more therapeutic diary papers than Nasir’s father’s considerations to recollect.

Nasir experienced a three-organize tuber resection process after 13 months, after his surgery though, Nasir couldn’t walk. As he still endured intermittent seizures, they decided to ask Cancer Solutions for help.

Nasir had truly been buckling down in studies ever since the illness. He’s done strikingly well, acquiring top position in about each subject. He keeps up, yet with coaching and relentless homework he’s left with almost no down time. Be that as it may, he additionally experienced the tireless impacts of TSC. He was likewise in torment day by day with aggravated gums.

Nasir valiantly walked on, grasping the difficulties confronting him. He admits that joining Cancer Solutions has been the best life decision he had made so far, owing to the easiness of the whole treatment after his surgery.

“I feel like a healthy man once again. Thank you Cancer Solutions for everything you have done for me.”

Sara Arshad

“My Lynch tumor is rare. In September 2016, I was 45 years of age and in the best state of my life. I woke up one morning with serious torment. An extensive ovarian mass was found and required prompt surgical intercession. Knowing a straight forward hysterectomy is a two hour surgery, I woke up in the recuperation room a few hours after the fact. My surgery was as I trusted and I understood I was declared cancer-free.

Hysterectomy Cancer Success Story

As the last of medication was regulated I was going to recover my life and was excited to put this stage behind me, never needing to consider malignancy again! Sadly, that is the day I was told my blood work uncovered a Lynch Syndrome. My feelings of trepidation had materialized. The following prompt concern was advising my sisters and cousins of my analysis. On the off chance that I had Lynch there was a half possibility my siblings conceivably acquired it also. Lynch is an inherited disorder, another person ought to have tried constructive which did not bode well. My folks were tried and were additionally negative.

Now coming towards my treatment, my folks searched up the net and came across Cancer Solutions, which helps patients like me recover, using traditional and no-side effect techniques.

I have done everything from new diet to new treatment methods under the help of Cancer Solutions. Everything has worked out pretty well for me. During the treatment I consulted my specialists once more. He is sure that the symptoms and the cancer will be cured.”

Mithu Baba

Mithu has a past filled with back torment. Now and again he was counseling an orthopedic specialist for this who prompted medication and exercise based recuperation. The specialist additionally said unless Mithu does customary activities and keeps up rectify act, his upper back is at risk to wind up plainly feeble as well. He has experienced standard MRI examines on his lower back to screen any degenerative changes.

Bone Cancer Success Story

A few months ago, he endured a warmth stroke which later on was revealed as a side effect of tumor. The tumor was squeezing the nerves inside the string and was given prompt medicinal consideration by his specialist, who informed a MRI with respect to the mind. The outcomes were typical.

From there on, Mithu additionally encountered a consuming sensation and tingling on left half of his correct index finger close to the nail territory. It was discontinuous, not persevering. Mithu’s family accepted it was a skin disease. At that point he began encountering deadness in his index finger on his right hand.

Months cruised by, there was no help and Mithu began to encounter shortcoming in the arms. Upon counsel with a similar specialist, he was misdiagnosed with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. His side effects turned out to be progressively more regrettable and that is the point at which his family begged Mithu to visit a neurologist. He inspected Mithu and informed a MRI with respect to his cervical territory as he firmly felt there might have been “something unique” which uncovered his tumor.

Mithu contacted Cancer Solutions who helped him get to the path of recovery.

“We do feel we have beaten my ependymoma, because of Cancer Solution’s great group of restorative experts and my family. I sincerely wish it never reoccurs again. “

Shah Faisal

Shah Faisal, 42, tells his heart-chilling account of battling kidney cancer.

Kidney Cancer Success Story
A friendly individual, Shah told his daughters that doctors were giving a 4-6 month life expectancy,

“All of my precious ones had tears in their eyes. It was heartbreaking for me to tell them that daddy was going away.”

Instead of giving in, Shah decided to ask his peers if they could recommend some online clinics. His cousin, Aryan, told him about Cancer Solutions in Chicago.

“Aryan told me that he had taken advice from the latter for his sister when she was battling with thyroid cancer last year. His sister is still undergoing therapy and treatment. The results have been positive and she is still going strong.”

Shah decided to give the cancer center a chance. He was doubtful about the whole process but thought that he could use the therapy for initial stages of survey.

He recalls that the whole process has worked out for him pretty well. Within the first month, he felt his stomach troubles disappear. Shah told the doctors afterwards that his stomach pain had lifted and he felt much lighter. Since the kidney cancer was at its initial stage, the treatment was and still is going smooth and despite all the doctor’s warnings, he is sure to live long.

Afaaq Imtiaz

“The appreciation I feel for what Cancer Solutions has done is amazing. At that point, as I picked up my reason to life amid my recovery, the Cancer Solutions gave me simply that.

Lymphoma Success Story

I feel like this is the opportunity to converse about various other doctors and the whole team of the site. I needed the opportunity to offer my thanks for whatever they do, and say how exceptionally inspired I’ve been with how they handle issues like agreeing to information insurance enactment and appropriate money related administration. I’ve seen direct how the philanthropy influences the best utilization of its constrained assets to assist patients in the courses patients with wanting to be made a difference. “

Nowadays Afaaq is intended to enable individuals with lymphoma to adapt and get recovered once their treatment has wrapped up. He helps them in recognizing the manifestations of lymphoma repeat, a sound eating regimen and exercise, and adapting to the mental parts of a lymphoma determination.

“Like numerous lymphoma patients, I have found getting out the opposite end of my experience troublesome. I’m certain a considerable lot of us feel the requirement for a little help en route to their new reproduced life. So the Cancer Solutions venture has implied an extraordinary arrangement to me.

After getting diagnosed for lymphoma tumor in 2017, Afaaq took the path of recovery and got himself cleared of cancer in 6 months.

Afaaq Imtiaz

In 2015, violinist Afaaq wound up plainly concerned when he started encountering weight pick up, balding and skin inflammation. He saw a specialist, who advised him not to be worried, as those things were normal.

Skin Cancer Success Story

Unsatisfied with this reaction, he saw an endocrinologist a couple of months after the fact. In the wake of investigating her blood, he requested a CT examine, which uncovered a 10-centimeter adrenal organ tumor. Afaaq was determined to have adrenocortical carcinoma. A specialist evacuated the tumor, alongside her left kidney.

However, Afaaq knew he expected to see somebody with broad involvement in treating adrenal organ tumors for the following period of his treatment.

“My specialist stated that I need to go someplace where they see huge numbers of these cases.”

“My specialist was the main individual who talked obtusely to me about my finding,” Afaaq says, reviewing that her specialist revealed to her that adrenocortical carcinoma has a high recurrence rate. “However, I expected to hear that to plan for treatment.”

Since adrenal organ tumors don’t ordinarily react to conventional chemotherapy, Afaaq was forced to take a different route for his healing. His family were familiar with Cancer Solutions and it’s ability to curing cancer using traditional methods. Though Afaaq is still following the treatment, the cancer has been cleared up by 76%. He shall soon be cancer-free.

Zeeshan Amir

Zeeshan Amir is a 44 year age man who had stage 3 liver malignancy, diagnosed on September 2016.

“I haven’t had any medical issues throughout my life other than an infrequent chilly or influenza. I’ve additionally experienced 2 healing facilities in the couple of months since my diagnosis. Analyzed in one, however they weren’t fit to do the resection.

Stage 3 liver Cancer Success Story

I was sent to the second healing facility for resection for which they enlightened me regarding a year to live and I was never again treatable. Chosen I didn’t like that answer, I deemed it right to surround myself with the positive people instead.”

I asked renowned site Cancer Solutions for help. Since I began my journey to the path of recovery, I’ve changed a huge amount of way of life propensities for the most part my dietary patterns to; new organic product, veggies, entire grains, lean meats angle, turkey, chicken and low sugar and salt. Its likewise been proposed to me by the site to take Maitake Mushroom separate in fluid frame as it advances a solid safe framework and furthermore has tumor battling properties. Cancer Solutions made me realize that I can battle cancer as well and carry on with my life and possibly beat the chances!

Abdul Kaleem

Two years ago in July, Kaleem’s sore throat and persevering raspiness provoked him to call the specialist. At the point when a biopsy uncovered stage two laryngeal malignancy, Kaleem was sent to the ICU for treatment. There, he was supposed to get a seven-week course of outside bar radiation treatment. Despite the fact that he didn’t clarify why, the specialist — who appeared to Kaleem to be “a genuine youngster” — disclosed to him that he was not a decent contender for laser surgery, which is the negligibly obtrusive surgical system normally used to treat beginning period laryngeal disease.

Throat Cancer Success Story From Abdul Kaleem

He went ahead to state that radiation treatment may be an alternative, yet that “it just works in around 70 percent of patients.” He additionally said that if radiation did not work and surgery was not regarded conceivable, a tracheotomy — when an opening is sliced through the neck and into the breeze pipe — may be important to permit relaxing.

“To finish everything off,” Kaleem expressed, “he specified that on the chance that we picked radiation and it fizzled, the tumor could spread and there was a capability of my larynx being totally expelled, abandoning me from talking”

Due these physical setbacks and not willing to take the risks, Kaleem looked up the net for some guidance and help. He learnt about Cancer Solutions and sent the team his x-ray pictures for the affected area. Fast forward 1.5 years, the doctors told him that his cancer was diminishing. After many weeks of treatment, his doctor told him the cancer was almost gone.

Asad Rayan

“I initially saw in September 2015 that I had a sore throat, I went by my GP and he thought I had a throat disease and gave me anti-microbials. After the week course I backpedaled as there had not been any improvement. I was then referred to the ENT office in my city.

I had a ‘camera’ set up in my nose and down my throat. At first the doctor couldn’t see anything. Then, I was giving an x-beam there and afterward was informed that I would be sent for a biopsy. The man who did the biopsy disclosed to me that he thought it was malignancy; however I needed to see the consultant to have it affirmed.

Throat Cancer Success Story

It was affirmed after the new tests that without a doubt it was squamous cell carcinoma. I thought my reality had finished. I began the radiotherapy. At first I adapted extremely well but the next 15 radiotherapy sessions were too awful!!!

I just felt horrendous depleted, tired, and so on, I felt worn out and thought why me? What caused it? I’ve never smoked but rather I make an effort not to consider it excessively, as I’m here and that is the only thing that is important.

I quit radiotherapy and started homeopathy which until now has guided me to lead a healthy lifestyle. I feel a lot better than before, although I am still undergoing treatment. The doctors have been kind and understanding.”

Asad Rayan

Asad was analyzed of penile tumor (a rare form of tumor), a year ago in February, and 2017. It was September 2016 and he wasn’t getting extremely well with the chemotherapy. He had experienced a half a year of chemo sessions.

The doctors suggested that he should experience radiation therapy and medicinal re-assessment lab test and CT Scans to decide whether the stage has heightened however Asad’s family had not possessed the capacity to achieve that stage…. as he was extremely powerless. He was encountering mind flights, he never again perceived relatives, relatives with the exception of his mom.

Penile Tumor Success Story

His specialist wasn’t a significant help in light of the fact that at whatever point his family conceded him to the healing facility checked by his oncologist, the oncologist just exhibited remedy for morphine and other agony executioners and didn’t considerably try to reveal to them what’s in store for those prescriptions or how they would manage to ease his growth torment.

Lamentably, this penile disease is exceptionally uncommon so he was likewise endeavoring to look through the web and getting assistance from other’s encounters. A victim told him that Cancer Solutions worked best for him.

“Cancer Solutions was a miracle in disguise for me! I was so happy that I was being heard properly for the first time in so long, the doctors’ online prescribed homo and my cancer was cleared out in 11 months, according to my tests.”

Maira Rao

When asked about her vulvar cancer, Maira broke down in tears and told the heart throbbing story of her fight….

“I had vulvar adenocarcinoma, and had radiation to the tumor bed in the vulvar area. The radiation I had was called IMRT, however I will reveal to you that in my case, I did not feel anything, despite the fact that I got extremely worn out thereafter.”

Vulvar Adenocarcinoma Success Story From Maira Rao

“I asked Cancer Solutions for help. It was around two months into my medicines when skin began feeling delicate and by sixth week I had what they called ‘wet’ consumes, and they needed to stop encourage medications for one week. I was given creams, salves or gels to utilize appropriate from the beginning.

Despite the fact that you may not think your skin is being influenced, it is from the back to front and the creams they give you will condition your skin. I drank bunches of water as well and got a lot of rest. I had one cream for first couple weeks, and then another with anti-microbial in it. The main time you don’t utilize the cream is simply before radiation treatment, yet you apply it directly after treatment.

For all those vulvar cancer patients down there, it is a testing circumstance however you can overcome it. In the event that you have addresses or don’t comprehend something don’t be reluctant to request that your specialist illuminate it. The main other counsel I can offer is to search out somebody that you feel safe with to talk about how you feel, make an emotionally supportive network for yourself and don’t be reluctant to request help from Cancer Solutions.

I wish all victims the best and seek after you to have the capacity to confront this with quality and assurance, a large number of us have been down this street and you can do it as well! Be solid and stand firm!”

Harris Raza

“My tumor story is a convoluted one. I was 40 and had put on some weight. At supper one evening, I got a telephone call from the Dr. who told me after my reports that I don’t have pneumonia yet a front thymoma tumor. I was expecting a Thymoma finding yet she said Thymic Carcinoma, when pushed by me said she would be astonished on the chance that I made it to a year.

She additionally said that she questioned a specialist would be tried to meet with me in light of the fact that there was no point in having a surgery. Troubled I couldn’t trust what she said as she didn’t want to waste time with my case. Fortunate for me she wasn’t right. It was an extreme a half year however I made it through.

Thymoma tumor Success Story From Harris Raza

My hair, eyelashes, eyebrows have grown back. I have been grumbling of extreme lower back torment and amid an output to endeavor to discover cause the radiologist noted he saw what he thought might be metastasis and recommended a chest CT.

He wasn’t right. I had a recurrence, my reports told me so. I was unsure of where to go. My elder brother, a thyroid cancer patient and treated by Cancer Solutions itself, told me to enroll for Cancer Solutions and have a homeopathic treatment.”

Harris is still undergoing treatment, but is confident that the cancer has subsided, in a span of 2 years.

Anwar Jalal

Anwar Jalal’s history had been head and neck tumor. It started last year in September, when he had been regurgitating and had frightful stomach territory torments, every day.

“Initially, I thought that it was an upset stomach but it turned out to be something much worse.”

“Due to being on a peg tube I considered the tests blameworthy. I had never smoked or drunk, nor had an abrupt appetite, so how could it be?”

Stomach Cancer Success Story From Anwar Jalal

Anwar was in such a terrible state that his doctor told his mother that there was nothing more they could do. His mother could not take this for an answer and went over the docs’ head and got her son into healing facility.

After a sweep they saw something in his small digestive tract. They worked the following day and it was a tumor that didn’t appear on his first scans. The tumor in the little intestine is uncommon and almost constantly developing. You can have them for years until the point when they give you pain and uneasiness. They influence your hormone adjust to making you feeble and tired hot and flushing, torment and disordered.

“I was told that nothing could be done. I didn’t believe that however. I knew that our local hospitals have limited surgical supplies, as well as a lack of experienced doctors. So, I decided to try herbal treatment instead.”

“Cancer Solutions has been my savior in this cause. I felt relieved when the online treatment started paying off. I knew that there were no side-effects to what I was doing. And within a few months, the symptoms started to wear down. By the grace of God, I was able to prove the doctors wrong! And I’m happy to trust Cancer Solutions Chicago to light my way!”

Hamza Saeed

“Last summer in 2017, I was in an intense place in my life. I went for a normal screening at the medical office, which uncovered strange endometrial cells. After some extra tests, my specialist shared the overwhelming news that I had endometrial disease. It was totally out of the blue. The way that I had felt no symptoms at all made it much all the more stunning.

My specialist chose that my best choice would be a full hysterectomy. I was just in the healing center for two weeks after the surgery, with a negligible entry point and zero torment, and was released two days early.

After the surgery, the doctor suggested a subsequent course of chemotherapy and restricted radiation. I was totally sure that chemo and radiations both were a pain and there was less chances of survival for both.

Endometrial Disease Success Story

I asked my specialist, who eluded me to take treatment from Cancer Solutions in Chicago, and I knew quickly that it was an ideal choice for me. Since I realized what an awesome notoriety they had, I felt totally safe at Cancer Solutions and I knew it was the place I needed to be.

Experiencing chemotherapy medications was an exceptionally depressing knowledge for me and so I decided to try homeopathy instead. The majority of the general population who were experiencing this treatment with me was superbly positive and steady of each other. It was an extremely unnerving background to look up to my own particular mortality. The staff at Cancer Solutions offered me consolation and kept me sure and advancing.”

Tufail Iqbal

Tufail was adamant to tell the story on his own account, as he struggled with appendix cancer, a supposedly rarer cancer form.

“I am Tufail Iqbal, and I am a survivor of appendix malignancy. It started with appendicitis, as well as a change in my bowel movements. It was cancer. Doctors told me that I couldn’t survive a stage 4 appendix cancer, despite a surgery. I had it anyways. After a failed surgery, I felt my life come crashing down. ”

Tufail took to Cancer Solutions to work his life around.

Appendix Cancer Success Story From Tufail Iqbal

“I do live with vulnerability. With malignancy of the index, it’s a moderate developing sort of tumor, so it can begin to repeat however it can take a while.

Cancer Solutions implies that I can, through my growth finding and survivorship, confront every day now with a recharged push to live. I live everyday by working out, by keeping my wellbeing. By ensuring that on the chance that I ever need to experience some other treatment, I am as solid as I can be. I follow Cancer Solutions by being there for others who are facing what I have.

I chose that in the event that I could help only one individual through my experience, it will have all been justified, despite all the trouble. Each and every moment of it was justified, despite all the trouble to get another person through it. “

Zubaida Irfan

Zubaida says that her Cowden disorder began at such a youthful age, she was continually becoming ill. Her elder sister was so terrified and stressed, so she made an arrangement to see a specialist. She was constantly skipping school, due to the illness. Zubaida experienced such huge numbers of exams that she had no clue what was happening. The reports showed that Zubaida was determined to have Cowden disorder.

Cowden Disorder Success Story

“I continued becoming ill that I lost blood and I needed a blood transfusion. A short time after that, I needed bladder surgery.”

“My whole life I was encompassed by specialists. I never expected that would have misfortune and in the long run I’d escape it. I never thought I would have any surgeries or blood transfusion, until things got hard to manage. “

“So time passed and I was correct. Until the point that I had a visit with my oncologist, she read my test outcomes; she saw my blood tally was low, and that I required a blood transfusion. The specialists knew my danger was super high, due to the Cowden’s.”

“I decided to take away from the treatments. I decided to try homeopathy instead. Cancer Solutions has been my salvation. It has been a long and enthusiastic adventure up until now. Yet, I couldn’t be more joyful with my decision. I am a contender and a survivor…..surrendering isn’t an option for me.”

Zakiullah Khan

Zakiullah, the 43 year old father was determined to have Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in September 2015.

“I recollect worrying about the tumor. What the survival rate was, what the treatment alternatives were, to what extent would the treatment be? I was astounded and inspired by the sum and detail of this data that was accessible on the web. “

Hodgkin's Lymphoma Success StoryHodgkin’s Lymphoma Success Story

“When the course of the treatment was laid out for me, I thought that I was all prepared to go. I was confident, not scared. But as I made my way to the chemo room, the human side of me kicked in and the dread started to develop. A huge piece of this was dread of the obscure. I have feelings like; what was having chemotherapy like, how terrible would it truly be, to what extent do the side-effects last. On my first treatment I was in lose hope. Desperation started kicking in. Thinking that it would have been similar to this for one year didn’t seem very welcoming.

Over this there were some unforeseen feelings, dread and outrage alright, yet what was this blame about? The issue was that I was all around furnished with the realities however inadequately outfitted with the human component of what it resembles living with disease.”

Zakiullah decided to prevent risky factors and try out something natural instead. He decided to take help from the doctors of Cancer Solutions, Chicago by sending a report of his ailment. He has noticed a lot of improvement since he started and still continues to use the medicine recommended to him.

Zuraiz Malik

Zuraiz Malik is a 42 year old father who was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma. He started feeling severely fatigued and also had some strange rashes about three months ago.

Hodgkin lymphoma Success Story

“I am a particularly healthy person and my work as an architect has always kept me active. So the thought of being sick was something I could never imagine.”

After many arguments with his wife, he finally agreed on going to the doctor and was provided with a diagnosis. He was very uneasy and troubled about the fact that he had to depend on physicists and doctors are his treatment.

He stated in one of his interviews that his insecure thoughts did not keep him at ease.

“I did not know what to do, the diagnosis treatment was really not working and I needed someone to put my faith into.”

After the failed diagnosis, he tried a chemotherapy combination but against his luck, the intolerable treatments made him nauseous, quizzy and he also started to lose his hair. He had to try another approach. He said:

“One of my friend’s uncle was treated at Cancer Solutions, and hearing that really assured.”

Cancer Solutions provided him with antidotes and solutions. Over the course of some days, he started feeling better and stated that the remedies were really paying off. Now he is living a comfortable life with the precise treatment from Cancer Solutions.

Bismah Asif

Bismah Asif, the 35 year old mother, was heartbroken when she discovered she had cervical tumor. She knew she would have medical problems in the future as she had a surgery some years ago in which her cervix was expelled, even though she wasn’t expecting something this serious.

Cervical Tumor Success Story

Two weeks after her first child, she got the awful news: The cancer was there and this time it had spread. Presently a hysterectomy was important to spare her life. Bismah was not aware of this but she doesn’t regret it either.

“I don’t lament not having a hysterectomy immediately. There are other choices that one can explore. I consider it to be an open door.”

Indeed, it was an open door to consider exploring better and healthier options. Bismah came across our website Cancer Solutions and was determined to give it a try.

“The treatment regimen clicked me immediately.”

Although Bismah is still completing her treatment with us, she has recovered from the tumor and the recent reports have been very convincing. Bismah is confident about her health, and we are too.

Masood Raza

Masood Cancer Success Story

A few times each year, Masood tells his students about the testicular malignancy he had undergone four years ago. He enlightens them concerning the indications that drove him to look for treatment and what it’s been similar to for him to survive testicular malignancy.

It started with Masood seeing torment in the territory around his upper thigh. He accepted it was a pulled muscle until the point when it got so terrible he couldn’t stroll without limping. Masood chose to go to the healing center, and after that registered with the doctor’s facility for tests.

A specialist disclosed to him that he had first stage testicular malignancy. It had spread to his lymph hubs. He broke down in tears.

“I held my mom and told her I would beat this thing.”

Masood’s specialist revealed to him he would need to begin treatment as soon as possible. Masood, being a medical student himself, knew that chemo and radiations both were risky and since it was the initial stage….it could be treated without going into complexities.

Masood decided to contact Cancer Solutions instead of taking any risks and learnt the healthier way to beat cancer. Fast forward 2017 in June, Masood was overjoyed when he heard that there was no sign of cancer and that he could walk now, with external support.

Faisan Shah

Dental Cancer Success Story

“In 2004, I had an ulcer on my tongue which was red and excruciating, particularly when I ate sweets. At my routinely dental practitioner arrangement, I demonstrated my dental specialist the spot. He guaranteed me it was nothing and instructed me to clean my tongue regularly. At my next dental specialist arrangement, I indicated the ulcer to him once more and he recommended me to an oral specialist.

At my first meeting with the oral specialist, he guaranteed me it was most likely nothing. I wasn’t a smoker. Also, I was just 33 years of age. He recommended a biopsy and took a little example of the region to send to pathology.

The after quite a while, we discovered the biopsy demonstrated Squamous Cell Carcinoma. I was scared of what was going to follow. “

Luckily, Faisan’s mother consulted Cancer Solutions on time, and asked what should be done. The specialist and the team convinced them that Cancer Solutions was a good choice for them and if there is a routine followed, then Faisan should be fine.

Faisan felt the first ulcer subside after 2.5 months of treatment. He tells us that the second one has weakened as well, and he would be fine very soon.

Diana Jones

Diana Jones, a long haul stomach growth survivor who was 56 years of age at the time, had been tackling stomach tumor for a long time. She disclosed to Stomach Cancer Success Story From Diana Jones
us that she went to a couple of specialists and they couldn’t discover what wasn’t right with her and thought it was ulcers.

At that point, a visit to a few more specialists, as well as a few more tests disclosed that she had stomach tumor of stage 2. The specialist at first disclosed to her that she might have a surgery, if after chemo there are still problems. She was considering having it done, but her husband advised her to go to a private hospital first and see what they say.

The doctors there were get ready for her was to have chemo and radiation for a month and a half preceding the surgery to evacuate most of her stomach, and to have clean edges. Diana took the alternate course. She enrolled for Cancer Solutions and found out that there are different approaches to beat the malignancy like a mix of flaxseed oil and curds. Also, there are heaps of people that have beaten their tumor with a specific eating routine.

Diana was convinced that this would work. Fortunately, she was right! She’s 62 now and healthy as ever!

Dogar Amin

Dogar, a 43 year old stout individual, had been experiencing severe stomach issues and had lost around 30kg within a 4 month span. The family was continually at the specialists and doctor’s facility to discover what was happening. It was when he started having jaundice that he was taken to healing center.

Bile Duct Cancer Success Story

He had been in healing facility for a month when he received the news of bile duct cancer, stage two. The doctors refused from surgery, as they considered it health-risky. He faced a number of other issues as well. His pulse dropped which made him crumple and need a blood transfusion; they said that it was caused by the disease.

“At the point it was determined to be bile pipe tumor, so I went on the web and read that almost all of individuals with bile duct disease kick the bucket while the remaining that live that live, undergo an uncertain life.”

While the doctors had said there is no other viable option for them, Dogar consulted the online site “Cancer Solutions”. Dogar told the team how he had lost all hope and was unsure about which path to follow. Dogar was given daily treatment which continued for 6.5 months. Dogar now feels light and doesn’t experience duct pain.

Shahbaaz Amjad

Last year, Shahbaaz started encountering some medical problems. He didn’t think the issues were related to malignancy. He did, however, utilize a wheelchair because of leg injury numerous years prior. Gastroenterologist Success StoryOne day Shahbaaz were at center to get another remedy for a substitution wheelchair. The doctor there happened to inquire as to whether Amjad was encountering some other issues. Amjad enlightened him with some minor concerns he had, to which the specialist responded instantly. He needed to have a colonoscopy. Shahbaaz still didn’t expect anything close to cancer.

“I went to my routine doctor and they requested a full colonoscopy. About an hour after the colonoscopy was done, the gastroenterologist revealed to me that I had colon growth. I startled. He had seen a large number of them and he wasn’t lying.”

Doctors then told me that due to certain age and body constraints, a surgery wasn’t possible. I was still composed; though my wife was panicking…..I told her that everything would be ok in the end.

“Meanwhile, my younger son Ali had been doing research about malignancy and its treatment on the web. He needed to comprehend what my choices were. He saw the site for Cancer Solutions, Chicago and chose to contact them. He told me that he had a nice sentiment about this place. My position was that if he was ok with it, so was I.

I got assistance from a nutritionist, who guided me not to use artificial product, but follow a healthy regimen. My cancer got cured in 7 months! “

Merriam Khan

“Hello there! My name is Merriam, and I have survived uterine growth. Before being diagnosed, I’veUterine Tumor Success Story

generally gone to specialists frequently and had routine exams for what we thought was most likely the beginning of menopause. My tests proved otherwise. It was a fast developing cell, so the doctor analyzed it as uterine tumor, which normally would metastasize, however for reasons unknown, my body had contained it. It was such an extensive tumor, so they chose I better have chemotherapy, as well. I had chemotherapy for the following year or something like that, with little to no effective difference.

Obviously, the chemotherapy was troublesome, on the grounds that all the typical stuff. You lose your hair and you get logically more ailing. My body could not endure the chemotherapy moderately well. I couldn’t complete it out.

I figured, “How could this body do this to me?” I’ve generally been extremely fortunate with my body. I’ve generally been solid. I never became ill. So it was extremely troublesome for me to acknowledge the reality.

Presently, the physical exercise is a method for making companions once more. A ton of that has been extremely a positive gathering association for me that way. Else, I jog constantly. “

Merriam told us that ditching chemo and signing up for Cancer Solutions did the trick.

“The site isn’t a scam…… it really does live up to its name, I would recommend it to any cancer patient.”

Khalid Hussein

Cancer Success Story From Khalid Hussein

A fairly active and fun-loving kid, Khalid was ten years of age when experienced an accident while riding down a slope on his cycle. He was taken to doctor’s facility and determined to have a concussion. It took Khalid three weeks to awaken, and that too amidst ghastly cerebral pains.

Khalid had left school and was at home experiencing cerebral pains, unsteadiness and heaving. An excursion to the specialist prompted a CT filter, at that point an MRI, the conclusion of a non-dangerous mid-cerebrum tumor, at that point an outing to Vancouver for surgery and inclusion of a shunt. At that point came the worst news for any 10 year old kid. The specialists revealed to him that he needed to go three entire months without playing any outdoor sport.

The specialists disclosed to Khalid’s family that he could live a life far from the normal child. In spite of their earnest attempts, Khalid doesn’t feel so. The sickness and retching may have left, yet the cerebral pains did not. The tumor found in Khalid’s cerebrum is still there but the pain has gone. The child’s mother contacted Cancer Solutions.

“I thought that since the doctor’s reports have stated that the tumor will stay, there was nothing much that I could do except enroll my kid for something that brings his life on track and in spite of all the facts, does make a difference.”

Khalid’s mother reports Khalid getting lesser migraines, unsteadiness, queasiness and regurgitating after they started treatment.

Maybe the tumor will fade away one day”, she told us

I turned into a survivor when I was analyzed in the fall of 2001 with uterine tumor.

Natasha Khursheed

level-two Cancer Success Strory

Natasha Khursheed said that she was initially analyzed with cervical growth last summer. She said that she had experienced ten sessions of chemo and after four months, she had a sweep, and all indications of the disease were gone. After several months, Natasha moved to another city and had no activity or protection; in fact, she had totally forgotten about the treatment and considered her cancer cured.

At the year start, Natasha went to the ER; she thought that she had kidney stones. Turns out, there was a tumor in her back. Although the doctors there disclosed to her that she will have this disease for whatever remains of my life, Natasha was determined to fight and prove the doctors wrong. She said that she tried doing everything she could to ensure that she gets a long life.

Natasha heard about Cancer Solutions from her hubby and decided to give it a try. She told the team all about her symptoms, the level-two cancer stage she was enduring and how she had to cope with the fact that she might not make it.

“My time with Cancer Solutions felt like a therapy session for me. I got to be heard in a long time and I was glad to hear that there was hope. ”

Natasha now gladly reports that despite what the doctors had said earlier on, Natasha has made it through and proved that if one has the will power to change things, he can do it. At the end, she said:

“I need to thank you for this site as you doctors have all helped me have more strength. I am an exceptionally fortunate and thankful individual to have such huge numbers of great and awesome individuals throughout my life helping me through this.”

Eric Tyson

At the age of 45, Eric Tyson was diagnosed with cancer. He was on the 2nd stage of adenocarcinoma of the esophagus. Even though he followed a healthy diet with normal consumption of fats and salts, he had esophagus cancer. He stated in an interview:

Esophagus Cancer Success Story

“I was horrified when I heard the word cancer. I couldn’t believe it, judging from my diet and food intake.”

After going to the doctors, he had to go through a lot of chemo. Chemo included five Fu, cyramza etc. This chemotherapy had a mild impact on him and did not really treat the disease. Even though his oncologist regularly discussed his case with several national specialists, it was a waste of time and effort.

“I was scared because many people told me that an aggressive cancer is death causing. Eric was thankful to be supported by his wife in tough times and was reassured that ‘an aggressive approach can probably be handled’.”

He was informed about Cancer Solutions. Optimistic as he was, Cancer Solutions provided him with remedies and treatments.

“My treatment plan incorporates the best traditional medicines.”

Cancer Solutions, Chicago proved helpful in treating his esophagus cancer and now the site has convinced him that he is has the best odds of survival.

After a tough time of hardships and agonizing treatments, he is finally untroubled and delighted by the solutions supplied by the company.

Mohammad Agha

Cancer Success Story From Mohammad Agha

“This day is a special one for me….For exactly two year ago; I learnt that I was a cancer patient. While it’s a commemoration that my family and companions celebrate as well, it’s a development that no one but I can completely feel. Also, indeed, I praise it! Since each morning that I wake up to another day ought to be the cause for festivity.”

At the ripe age of 32, Agha was diagnosed to have osteosarcoma. The doctors broke the news on telephone, when the reports came, and were not so positive.

“My reality was shaken deep to the core the very day I strolled into a facility as a lighthearted, prepared to-go up against the-world grown-up. I never knew that having a tumor in my femur would make me all that strong. My life, all of a sudden, changed course. It was a strong sensation. I felt like both the strongest and weakest being of the world. I began treatment very quickly, continuing a forceful chemo that supplanted my femur and knee.”

Life has been a progression of high points and low points since his analysis. Agha needed to acknowledge confinements identified with the pole in my leg, yet found new exercises and interests.

“I had startling reactions from chemo, and it was tough to keep the pain under control. I met numerous other brilliant survivors, and hence, heard about Cancer Solutions in Chicago and their brilliant online portal. As I grasped all the knowledge the team has shown me, I learnt not only the way to heal myself, but made a number of new discoveries as well. The path to cure was slow, but was worth it.”

Agha does not need a pole to give him support now; he is fully capable of walking around.

Misa Robert

Stomach Cancer Success Story

Misa Robert was informed to have chronic lymphoma.

“When I heard about my lymphoma disease, it was like life punched me in the stomach. Bash!”

She was not aware and definitely not ready. Misa, despite having multiple tumors set to not feel pain, weakness and discomfort of any sort.

“I was actually pretty fine…Sometimes I thought that the doctors got it wrong. “

But things took an unfortunate turn. Things got tough when she started having chronic pain and even her hair started falling out. At that time, she cut those long, luscious hairs and thought that it was best to be strong, and fight back.

“I cut my hair, but it was still hard to see the hair that I spent years trying to grow, waste away like that using a scissor.”

On the day of her chemo, one of her eastern friend gave her an ornament and told her that from where he came from, it symbolized strength and hope. This reminded her reason for all her struggles.

Even After the chemo, there was not much of a difference. After taking some advice from her peers, she got to know of Cancer Solutions, which provided her with different solutions to treat the chronic lymphoma.

“Cancer Solutions was the lifeguard of hope that saved me when I was drowning deep within the waves. “

The remedies included exercises, and medications for curing the bone marrow disease. Now a former patient, Misa spends most of her time helping the hopeless and is also a well-known exercise instructor.

Samantha Tyler

“I was 46 years of age when I got a gut feeling concerning my tumor. I quite recently came back from an extensive trip two months earlier, and the specialists just sent me home with anti-microbials supposing I had grabbed a parasitic contamination.

Cancer Success Story From Samantha Tyler

Thankfully, I didn’t believe them. For me, the symptoms were too obvious to overlook. I decided to give some tests at the local hospital. This, indeed, was the point at which I was told I had a substantial threatening tumor close to my ovary that may have spread to the rest of my body.

In spite of all this, I was gently quiet and settled, nearly as if I knew all along that this was ultimately going to happen. I got a formal conclusion the following day that I had to do something on my own.

It was a late Monday night. I made some herbal tea and sat down at my PC and began looking for the solution. I acknowledged that life was not the way I anticipated. I assessed what was to be done. I was quiet, tranquil and gathered.

My discovery was trailed by months and months of online help. I entered my treatment phase. My home turned into an asylum encompassed by the affection and worry of several individuals who left the woodwork to root for me. It was a period of profound security, reflection and articulation. I have grown up covered with supplements of my thick black hair, to such an extent that it had turned into a huge piece of my personality. Following quite a while of hair fall, I ceremoniously shaved it off totally, on Christmas.

Getting help from “Cancer Solutions” has really shaped up my life. I feel healthier, happier and energetic. I felt as though they could understand my position and relate with the hardships I had gone through. I had never thought that an online portal would do the trick for me, that it would cure me….I thank the brains of this site, I really do!”

Haider Sheikh

Prostate Cancer Success Story

Haider Sheikh spent 37 years making documentary films. After ending that career, he became a reckless stuntman, from climbing, riding motorcycles and skiing, he did everything. A severe accident followed him in 2016. And he was unable to do physical work for almost a year.

As the standard protocol for getting an annual PSA test, his digital rectal exam disclosed a concerned region. After arguing with the doctors about not getting a biopsy, he had to give in. Haider went in for biopsy, ready to hear any unexpected results. Unfortunately, the urologist told that he had cancer.

He had a hard time handling the shock. His urologist recommended him a book about prostrate health which he was able to find, after asking around. He went to seek the opinion of other doctors but was urged by his urologist to do a radical prostatectomy. Against his luck, he didn’t have any insurance, and the price of the medical procedure was immensely expensive.

Not able to afford the procedure, He began to find ways and remedies to cure prostate cancer. Even in his past, his mother died due to prostate cancer, although she was diagnosed with a flutamide drug.

He was already reluctant to the use of the drug so after surfing the net, every now and then, he discovered a renowned site called Cancer Solutions.

There, he got to know that his cancer was caused due to his emotionally unbalanced state. He figured that some of his past experiences left a deep impact on him. So his traumas were the reason for his cancer mechanism. After this discovery, the site gave him remedies to overcome the prostate cancer and sometime later, after the use of remedies, the doctors couldn’t find any sign of cancer in his prostate. All they saw was a benign lesion. All was well…

Lilly Carpenter

Breast Cancer Success Story From Lilly Carpenter

“I realized that some time or another I would hear the words “You have breast cancer.” My mom who was also a breast cancer victim, dealt with it by having a radical mastectomy. The next year she had a reoccurrence in the rest of the breast tissue and then experienced radiation. She passed away last year. Other than my mom, there was my sister, on my maternal side of the family with a past filled with breast tumor. She is a survivor.

I was, nonetheless, cautious and visiting my doctors consistently, having mammograms and pap smears. In March, my mammogram had suspicious calcifications and should have been biopsied.

My mother made the mistake of taking radiations, which cost her, her life. I made a research and found out that radiations have a high risk of danger associated with it. There is also a less survival chance. I didn’t want to make the same mistake, and I couldn’t overlook the facts.

So for a month and a half, every other weekend, I was managing chemo, on Sundays I would be debilitated, on Tuesdays I would have my blood drawn, on Thursdays I would see the specialist, and on Fridays I was back on getting chemo.

All this felt exhaustive and I decided to find some online natural remedies. I came across some cancer sites, out of which I found cancer solutions the best. I am appreciative that my malignancy was discovered so early and that I am alright and off all medicines. In any case, to date, I have never had a reoccurrence!

Malik Awan

Bladder Cancer Success Strory From Malik Awan

Malik, a 49-year old man, decided to give a brief account of his cancer and how he fought with it.

“Howdy, I am a 49 year old male. I was diagnosed with bladder cancer on the 19th of September 2013. I was advised by my elder daughter to make an appointment, after seeing blood in my pee. After drinking a lot of water and continually sitting tight for one hour, since I was unfit to pee, they embedded a catheter in order to exhaust my bladder and then following an adaptable cyscopcy, was told I had a tumor of the bladder .Still unfit to pee, sad and distressed, I returned home with a pipe and a pack tied to my leg.

I told my daughter and wife that I had the growth. It was likely my bladder would need to be evacuated; regardless I turned up to the Hospital with fear for what was coming next. I was encouraged to have BCG. Luckily, I had no issues for a month and a half. At that point we went on a cruise with the family, the following 4 months were not very great, and I was having repulsive torments. Even my organs began to swell up.

I subsequently chose to stop all the treatments, so we went back to Chicago, I made an appointment with CancerSolutions.us for the treatment of my bladder cancer. I submitted my reports and discussed what I had been going through, and how my situation has declined since then.

I was prescribed some meds. With each passing day, I felt the effectiveness of the whole process. I reported my progress and told them that I was feeling as though the pain was slowly fading away. “

Two and a half months later, the pain totally disappeared. Malik was sure that the cancer had retracted, and he was right. He made a final medical checkup and now lives cancer-free.


Bone Cancer Success Story

Asrar-Ul-Haq tells the chilling account of how he dealt with bone cancer.

“I was an extremely dynamic individual who loved to run around and play badminton. Everything changed for me once I figured out that I could lose that leg of mine. I have balanced and it was difficult, despite having my days. I was additionally a student and could never again be on my feet throughout the day.”

I decided to tune in to CancerSolutions.us to see how I could deal with the pain. They asked me to give some of the pictures of the affected area. After that, the doctor online prescribed some natural techniques and ointments, which I have been using ever since. My left leg took longer than 1.5 years to totally recuperate but now I am confident about my leg. I recall inquiring the team after as to whether I could begin running and playing badminton, and crying every time they said no.

Then one faithful day, on 25th December, 2016- two days before my birthday, I decided to try my luck, I asked if I would be able to run, only a bit. I was prepared for an adamant no. My specialist, however, gave me consent to walk, as well as have a light jog.

Simply those little flexibilities where I could play and keep running made everything alright. I believe that one day; I would be running around and playing badminton freely, like the little kids in the neighborhood.”

Abdul Rehman

Abdul Rehman, the father of four, tells the interesting and heart-breaking story of his relapse from thigh cancer.
Cancer Success Story From Abdul Rehman

It dates back to June, 2016 when the doctors gave him the shocking news, after the medical reports had surfaced. Abdul Rehman had been facing the symptoms for quite some while now. The doctors recommended a quick surgery in order to expel the whole tumor. The tumor was so low underneath his tissue that they needed to expose a bit of his thigh. After the surgery, it took him a while to recoup and to figure out how to walk once more.

Rehman thought that the torture was over after the surgery but turns out, he was very wrong. The next four months for him were loaded with only physical torment and pain from not having the capacity to deal with the pain and dreading every single moment ever since he got the news of thigh cancer. His relationship suffered too, since his wife couldn’t deal being with somebody who had such a significant number of medical problems. She left him with a note saying that “She couldn’t take it anymore”.

After that, Abdul Rehman made it his goal to battle for his little ones, and the ones he loved dearly. Rehman was sure that the cancer had relapsed, but he was unsure of what to try next. Abdul Rehman decided to ask some of his friends. Some recommended chemo, while the others were unsure themselves. One of them recommended Cancer Solutions in Chicago. Rehman decided to give it a try.

Now in 2018,Abdul Rehman says that it has been one of the best decisions he has made so far….He has been undergoing treatment ever since, and he finds the medication economical, efficient and most of all, effective.

Maria Sue

Breast Cancer Success Story From Maria Sue

“Breast disease has changed me. I’m gentler toward myself as well as other people. I say I admire you all the more frequently. I’m additionally considerably more willing to push my limits, to take risks. ”

This is what Maria tells us recently when asked about her progress. She is potentially cancer-free and is aiming to resume her bachelors in Fine Arts.

“For me, the scariest time in the process was sitting tight for the test results to uncover how broad the tumor was, the means by which huge or little the knots were and regardless of whether the lymph hubs were included.”

‘It all started in late 2016, when the symptoms began. I knew that something was up, so I wanted an ultrasound. Since I had thick breasts, this had occurred earlier and I wasn’t stressed over it. In any case, this time I got another call: I had breast malignancy. I burst into tears.”

Someone then recommended Cancer Solutions to her. The more she talked about her treatment choices to us, the more settled and more engaged she felt. She knew that Cancer Solutions was the correct place to be, and she just took the path of least resistance.

“I was extremely fortunate. I had gotten two little spots in each breast and the lymph hubs were clear. I felt light and clear; as though I had been cleansed. “

Arsalan Amjad

Arsalan Amjad, a potential salesperson at Wal-Mart, found himself in a weird trance when he came to know that he was liver cancer patient. Arsalan had been earning for his younger sister. Since they both were orphans, life had been Liver Cancer Success Storyearning for his younger sister. Since they both were orphans, life had been especially hard for them.

At first, Arsalan did not expect anything. He was pretty sure that it was common weakness, fatigue and nauseated feelings. After a month however, he noticed that he grew paler and paler and his stools were white and chalky. Arsalan decided to visit the nearest care clinic on his way back from the hospital. Arsalan had his mind prepared for illness, but he wasn’t expecting anything as close as liver cancer. The doctors told him that his abdomen had swollen up and although it was stage 0, there was risk associated.

Arsalan returned home depressed, worried more about his younger sister than himself. He wanted to avoid surgery, as that was beyond his budget. Chemo seemed like a better option, but he recalled studying in biology, that chemotherapy has less survival chances compared to natural processes.

In the end, Arsalan decided to try out Cancer Solutions, a web portal that uses homeopathy as a solution to all these sort of problems. Arsalan had been undergoing online help from the site since the previous 1.5 years and the treatment and medication has played an effective role in shaping his health. He feels alive again and has overcome the jaundice and swelling that had almost killed him earlier. Arsalan thanks Cancer Solutions for saving his life.

Rosie Penbur

Kid Lung Cancer Success Story

Rosie Penber had always been one of the jolly kids in the neighborhood, ever since her family had shifted from Alabama to Chicago. Life had been the best for her; from top grades in her form to the nicest friends, Rosie’s life was perfect. Until one day, her family got the fateful news; that she was diagnosed with lung cancer.

Rosie constantly complained of chest pain as well as shortness of breath but her family wasn’t very serious about it. They considered it some sort of mild asthma or an allergic reaction to the new environment.

It wasn’t until she was coughing up blood every day that she was taken seriously. Her mother took her to the local medical center, where a number of tests determined that it was indeed something serious; stage-one lung cancer. It seemed pretty clear, after her face and hands had all swollen up.

Rosie was scared of radiations and her mother didn’t want to expose her to something that dangerous as she knew that the whole process was risky. Rosie’s mom took the liberty to go for something more inexpensive and natural; that’s when she stumbled upon Cancer Solutions, a setup established to fulfill the exact same purpose. Although still undergoing treatment, Rosie feels that she is going great and is hopeful that she will not face any sort of relapse in times to come. The new medical reports are a proof that there is no sign of tumor any more.

Tony Milo

In September 2014, a 42-year old spouse – Tony Milo, the husband of Anastasia Garner and thePhase-3 Prostate Cancer Success Story father of two beautiful young daughters, came to know that he was a victim of phase-3 prostate cancer, just before he was about to go abroad on a business trip with his friends.

Tony still remembers the worry-some expression on his wife’s face when he broke the news as well as the puzzled look on Antalya, the elder 8-year old.

Rather than showing signs of despair and hopelessness, Tony settled on staying strong, not only for himself, but his family.

“When I got my discovery, I fought prostate growth just like any other issue I’ve experienced in my four decades of being alive.”

Initially, the symptoms started with pain during urination as well as trouble during the whole process. The doctors told him that the survival chances were slim, since the checkup was made too late and the tumor had developed to the third stage.

Milo didn’t give up. His prostate tumor treatment started with hormone treatment, followed by chemotherapy from December through March; it was a routine thing and after that, surgery for the removal of the tumor was performed, near the summer.

Unfortunately for Tony Milo, he had a relapse, near the end of summer. The cancer had spread to the inner lining of the bladder. Tony sought help, this time from the online portal Cancer Solutions in Chicago. He recalled one of his mates telling him about the effectiveness of the medication prescribed by the team. Tony started his bladder treatment and was impressed by the effects, just visible a few months later. He had faith in the treatment, and was sure that he was going to make it, despite the 3rd stage.

Turns out, he was right. It has been about four years, and Tony Milo is living a life free from prostate cancer.

Umar Butt

pancreatic cancer success story

Like Athar Shahzad, Umer Butt was also subject to misery and pain when he was diagnosed to have pancreatic cancer, in 2016.

“I had always been the heavy eater of the family. I consumed three square meals daily, along with a couple of junk food every now and then. My appetite began to drastically change and I started to feel almost never hungry. I don’t know what happened.”

Umer also reported to have pain in his abdomen. His weight had also dropped from 90kg to 65kg. His concerned sister took him for a routine checkup. The doctors broke the ice by announcing that it was pancreatic cancer but thankfully it was the initial stage, so there were more chances of cure.

Umer did not like the idea of surgery and being a student, he could not afford to go for daily chemotherapy, so his sister Natasha referred Cancer Solutions, Chicago where he was suggested homeopathy and the treatment was initialized.

Umer seemed to have gained his true physique as well as appetite, just after a few days and he did not leave his treatment ever since. He is happy to report that he is cancer-free, after his recent reports just surfaced and is awaiting a long life ahead of him.

Imran Hashmi

Blood Cancer Success Story

Imran Hashmi, a 32-year old shepherd from the rural part of USA, felt that something was up when he experienced a drastic change in his bowel movements, along with blood in his stool. He also frequently complained of pain during urination. He told his family about his situation but they just freaked out as they could not afford to go to the city, bearing in mind the expenses of fare as well as that of treatment.

Since Imran did not own the luxury of the computer or internet, he called Ayyan, the wealthy landlord of the village, and asked him if he could conduct a search. Imran soon realized that his symptoms corresponded with that of bladder cancer and although the survival rate is more than 77%, the poor shepherd did not have any means to get himself cured. And since his family was dependent on him for bread and butter entirely, he could not even afford to die and leave his family starving.

Ayyan offered Imran with money to get himself treated by going to the city but Imran’s ego stopped him from taking what wasn’t his to begin with. Imran decided to try something affordable. Using the internet, he came across Cancer Solutions, Chicago which provides natural solutions to all stages of cancer, and that too, at a fairly reasonable price.

Imran contacted the doctors available on the portal at that time and briefed them about the situation. Imran was exposed to a fully naturalized process which involved minimal use of chemicals and other products. Imran says that he had been following the treatment regularly and his symptoms for bladder cancer seemed to have worn off. He no longer has acute pain during urination, nor any bleeding. Thanks to Cancer Solutions, he is cancer-free.

Umaima Mehar

Cancer Success Story

Nobody ever expected that a young girl, Umaima Mehar, would ever bring an immense amount of pain for everyone by being the first leukemia patient of her family. The small 9-year old had already lost her brother about a year ago in a car crash. Umaima’s parents had been traumatized by what had happened and could not bear the loss of one more child, yet alone a young girl.

Umaima has since then undergone a surgery, a series of injections, medical tests, spinal taps as well as weeks and weeks of chemotherapy. Umaima, despite being the brave child that she was, could not endure all the pain. She would throw tantrums every now and then, and would refuse from budging. Scared by all this, Umaima’s parents decided to look for something more subtle and natural, with minimum side-effects. Umaima’s dad decided to make an online research. He came across Cancer Solutions, Chicago.

Like they thought, Umaima was ok with the use of natural procedures to cure her as they were painless and quick. Her parents also wanted something that rid her of pain and cured her completely. Just recently, Umaima and her parents went to the local hospital to make a medical checkup. The doctor told her that the cancer had been cured. They weren’t going to lose another child….

Nadir Khan

Lung Cancer Success Story“Nadir Khan, 34, tells his account of battling lung cancer.”

A hardworking and especially friendly individual, Nadir never thought that cancer would not only make him doubt his every breath, but would also break the bond between him and his wife. When Nadir became the bearer of bad news to his wife and told her that doctors were giving a 4-5 month life expectancy, Nadir’s wife sought it better to leave him and let him die.

“That day turned me upside down. First cancer and then my wife Alisha.”

Instead of giving in, Nadir decided to ask his peers if they could recommend some online clinics. His close friend, Huzaifa, told him about Cancer Solutions in Chicago.

“Huzaifa told me that he had taken advice from the latter for his mother when she was battling with leukemia last year. Her mother is still undergoing therapy and treatment. The results have been positive and she is still going strong.”

Nadir decided to give the cancer center a chance. He was doubtful about the whole process but thought that he could use the therapy for initial stages of survey.

He recalls that the whole process has worked out for him pretty well. Within the first month, he felt his respiratory troubles disappear. Nadir told the doctors afterwards that his chest pain had lifted and he felt much lighter. Since the lung cancer was at its initial stage, the treatment was and still is going smooth and despite all the doctor’s warnings, he is sure to live up to 80!

Mohammad Saleem

Colon Cancer Success Story

Mohammad Saleem, the tall 37 year-old , narrates his own account in the following words:

“23rd December, 2015 was an unfaithful day for me as the news of me having colon cancer unraveled before us. The symptoms were quite visible. I noticed a drastic change in my bowel habits, along with stool bleeding. I also experienced a lot of fatigue and weakness with each passing day. I endured it all for a week. At last, I got fed up and visited the nearest local hospital. But I never realized that it was something this serious. ”

“The doctors asked me to have a medical checkup and have some tests done. Colonoscopy revealed the presence of a tumor; it was colon cancer, a sort of cancer I have never even heard of… All I knew that it was cancer and it had to be treated before it was too late. Thus began my chemo therapy, I had 10 chemo sessions every other week. I was so exhausted and the nausea was out of my control. After I was half way done, my hands and feet were distressed and to this day they are still the same. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out for me that well. The doctors weren’t very hopeful for me either and I had a gut feeling that the cancer had progressed, instead of wearing out… I decided to take a leap in faith and discontinue the chemo.

I had my mind ready for a visit to an oncologist, and possibly a surgery too, in order to remove that tumor. Luckily, faith had something else in store for me. As I made my way back from my office one late evening, my wife gave me a call and told me that she heard her friends talk about Cancer Solutions, and how they incorporated non-risky products to treat their patients. I decided to give it a try and contact their team online.

The doctors were compassionate and I felt as though there was a small beam of hope. I told them about my condition and literally how stressed I was recently. The doctor whom I contacted told me to follow a new and “healthier” lifestyle in order to see changes. What bothered me was how was it really possible to cure cancer, without the use of expensive surgeries and medicines. Thank God I was wrong…The treatment was effective. It has been five months now and I’m still undergoing the process. Recent reports have indicated an improvement and no signs of a relapse. I feel so happy and content!

Amina Tariq

“I was 29 years old when I was initially diagnosed with breast cancer. It all started when I found a lump in my right breast and had a bleeding discharge.”Breast Cancer Success Story

Amina, the mother of two, found herself being diagnosed with one of the most common yet dangerous forms of cancer last summer, in 2017. Panicking, Amina told her husband, who took her to the nearest health center. After a couple of tests, it proved to be stage-one breast cancer. Amina was heart-wretched. The health center specialists told Amina to undergo the chemo process in order to treat the cancer. Amina was nervous about the regular checkups but she felt like she had no other choice.

“I just went with whatever I was told. I just wanted to get rid of the ailment at all costs.”

Amina had her first round of chemotherapy in March 2017. But the treatment for cure had strong side effects. She had distress sleeping and severe mood fluctuations. She decided to give up on chemo, altogether, as the results were not very convincing. There had been little to no difference in a course of 4.5 months. Totally stressed out, Amina was unsure of what to go with next. She asked around but nobody seemed convincing enough. Amina’s hopes were almost shattered, owing to the fact that chemo did not work for her and surgery was out of question due to financial constraints. Luckily, Amina’s concerned sister-in-law heard about Cancer Solutions and its cost-effective online portal, which prescribes remedies to cancer in the most natural way possible.

At first, Amina was doubtful about the homeopathic approach. But time and tide proved the effectiveness of the technique, which was visible in the first two weeks of application. As of now, Amina is a happy individual who after her treatment in Chicago, plans to live her life in peace.

Athar Shahzad 

“I felt my heart stop when I realized what it really was….” Cancer Treatment Story

Athar, the energetic 26 year-old, left his family speechless when he was determined to have pancreatic cancer, about two years ago. 

It all started with a loss of appetite, and a change in bowel movements. Athar felt a serious drop in weight, along with chronic pain in the upper abdomen. 

“My sixth sense told me that it was something chronic but I shrugged it off…. If I had gone for diagnosis earlier, life wouldn’t have been so hard for me.” 

Symptoms worsened after November, 2015 when Athar experienced jaundice along with the other preliminary signs. Athar decided that he had enough. He felt as though ignoring the signs would result in disastrous consequences. He confronted his family about the matter. Worriedly, they took him for a routine checkup. Initial medical reports disclosed that it was pancreatic cancer. The disease had effectively spread and it was the 2nd Stage.

Scared by all this, his family consulted Cancer Solutions, Chicago where specialists prescribed homeopathy. Specialists told Athar that they could expel the tumor without surgery. The treatment for Athar began.

“The treatment was based mostly on natural remedies. I have never witnessed such an effective usage of Mother Nature. ”

Fast-forward 15 months, Athar lives a happy cancer-free life, after the final diagnosis revealed that the cancer has been treated in a span of 1.3 years.

Athar revealed that he had been an avid smoker in the past, consuming up to 2 packets a day. He realized the dire consequences of his actions and the struggle of being a cancer patient after that. After consulting Cancer Solutions, Athar has now quit smoking permanently and leads a healthy lifestyle.